Role of the Mortgage Banker in the Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate Market

MBA's 2019 Commercial/Multifamily Policy Priorities

Mortgage bankers play a critical role in maintaining the efficient allocation of capital, a competitive landscape and a vibrant economy.

Overview: Commercial/Multifamily (CMF) mortgage bankers play a key and unique role in the $3.9 trillion commercial real estate finance market by serving as an active bridge between property owners who seek financing and sources of real estate capital that are integral to making commercial mortgage loans. MBA strongly supports the important role that mortgage bankers play in the commercial/multifamily real estate finance debt market. MBA believes that public policy should promote a competitive industry structure, efficient allocation of capital, and a broad range of capital sources and capital solutions that meet market and borrower needs, in a way that enables mortgage bankers to fulfill their important roles. Policymakers should recognize and support the important role mortgage banker play.

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