Tax Policy

MBA's 2019 Commercial/Multifamily Policy Priorities

Tax laws and regulations should preserve opportunity and competition in commercial and multifamily real estate.

Overview: MBA encourages policymakers to support and enact tax laws that support long-term economic growth, which is the foundation of strong commercial, multifamily, and residential real estate markets.

President Biden and the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress have expressed their desire to increase investments in transportation and infrastructure, the definition of which includes housing and climate change.  To pay for such investments, taxes will likely be increased, with a focus on individuals and corporations that make over $400,000.  

Congress is currently working through proposed legislation on an infrastructure program and the tax pay-fors to cover the costs of such a program. Here are a few considerations that MBA staff are tracking:

  • 1031 Like Kind Exchanges
  • Deductions on 199A
  • Housing Tax Credits
  • Minimum Book Tax
  • Gain on a Sale of Home

Our tax page will be kept up to date with the most pressing tax issues for our members, as well as MBA's positions on various tax policies. Members are encouraged to use the talking points to discuss these issues with their members of Congress.

MBA will remain closely engaged with policymakers in the administration and Congress as the tax policy discussion unfolds and will fiercely advocate on behalf of the real estate finance industry.  

Ways to Get Involved and Make a Difference