Map of Eviction Moratoriums by State

The below map provides CREF members on a state by state overview of active eviction moratoriums for residential and commercial tenants.

For full details on what is happening in each state, download our CREF State Eviction Moratorium Tracker

Note on CDC Agency Order. On 8/26/21, in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court lifted the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Agency Order temporarily halting evictions in all states and territories. The CDC had extended the moratorium several times, including most recently on 8/3/21, which halted evictions until 10/3/21, covering "counties with heightened levels of community transmission."

Please note, despite the Supreme Court lifting the CDC order, some states, localities, territories, or tribal areas, may still have statewide and/or local and county eviction moratoriums.  

* These states with local eviction moratoriums include, but are not limited to, California, Oregon, New York, Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas, and Washington.

This resource does not provide legal guidance, but we hope it provides a useful resource for MBA members who would benefit from a greater understanding of the eviction moratorium landscape across various states. 

Eviction Moratoriums by State

Active Eviction Moratoriums for Residential Tenants
Active Eviction Moratoriums for Residential and Commercial Tenants
Residential Evictions Prohibited While Tenant Applies for Rental Assistance
States with Only Local Eviction Moratoriums