Current State Laws and Regulations

The following is a list of states which have passed laws to enact Remote Online Notarization (RON). The list also includes links to the enacting legislation and, where possible, links to regulations promulgated to implement the RON law in that state. Please note that not all states with RON laws have completed RON rule makings.

Alaska (Statute)

Arizona (Statute)

Arkansas (Statute)

Colorado (Statute)

Florida (Statute)

Hawaii (Statute)

Idaho (Statute)

Indiana (Statute)

Iowa (Statute)

Kansas (Statute)

Kentucky (Statue)

Louisiana (Statute)

Maryland (Statute)

Michigan (Statute and Guide - not these are not rules)

Minnesota (Statute)

Missouri (Statute)

Montana (Statute and Rules)

Nebraska (Statute)

Nevada (Statute and Rules)

New Mexico (Statute)

North Dakota (Statute)

Ohio (Statute)

Oklahoma (Statute)

Pennsylvania (Statute)

South Dakota (Statute)

Tennessee (Statute and  Rules)

Texas (Statute and Rules)

Utah (Statute)

Vermont (Statute)

Virginia (Statute and Rules)

Washington (Statute)

West Virginia (Statute)

Wisconsin (Statute)

Wyoming (Statute)