State MBA Calls to Action

The Mortgage Action Alliance can help State MBA's target Calls to Action to members of their state's legislature.

To properly execute a state-level Call to Action, the appropriate leader at the state or local MBA should contact William Kooper ( of MBA's State Legislative and Regulatory Committee, and provide the following:

  • The draft text of a short letter your state MBA would like sent by MAA members in your state to your state legislature; and,
  • The draft text of the message you would like to have sent to the MAA members in your state to convey the urgency and the need for action.

MBA's state lobbyists will review the documents with MBA policy staff to ensure that the position is consistent with MBA's public policies, which are developed by MBA's member-driven policy committees. MAA can then send the Call to Action to its members in your state, and your state MBA can also forward the Call to Action to its members.