State MBA Enrollment Campaigns for MAA

How to Get Members of Your State or Local MBA Involved in the Mortgage Action Alliance, Inc.® (MAA)

The Mortgage Action Alliance is free and easy. It never has, or will, cost anything to enroll or stay active. Additionally, it only takes a minute to enroll and then, when a "Call to Action" is sent, to respond and take action.

The key ingredient for MAA's success is to get as many industry professionals enrolled and engaged. If you work for a business in the business of real estate finance, you can be a member of MAA.

State MBAs play a big role in growing MAA. By appealing to their members to enroll, MAA reaches many more industry professionals than it can on its own. The easiest and most efficient way to do this is by email. If your state or local MBA wants to conduct an enrollment campaign, contact Alexis Gurganious on MBA's staff at Or, you can use the sample text below to send a note right away.

Subject: Getting involved - helping yourself and helping our industry

By choice or default, we all operate in the political arena. Whether it's TRID, or GSE reform, or Loan Officer Compensation, what happens in Washington, D.C. or your state capital affects your business and your bottom line. The Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) is a FREE, non-partisan grassroots organization serving the entire real estate finance industry. Click here to enroll in or learn more about MAA. MAA is your tool to speak directly with members of Congress, state legislators and regulators about the real-world impact of proposed legislation and regulations. MAA members receive:

  • Bi-weekly email update on what is happening in Washington and state capitals related to our industry
  •  "Calls to Action" emails to send letters to their elected officials when there is an important legislative or regulatory issue at play
  • As an added bonus, the Mortgage Bankers Association's Legislative & Political Affairs Team hosts free Quarterly Advocacy Update Webinars

Policymakers need to know what you do locally to help families buy their first home or refinance their mortgage, how you create rental housing or help finance the buildings where your neighbors work or shop. 

No matter what your position is in the industry, your voice matters and we need your help!

Please join MAA for free to start making an impact today. Just go to to create an account. You can also renew your membership by logging into your account using your company email address and password.

Thank you.