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MBA NewsLink Staff

July 19, 2018

Canyon Partners Closes $450M Fund
Alternative asset management firm Canyon Partners, Los Angeles, closed a real estate debt vehicle with more than $450 million in total commitments. 

The Canyon Partners Real Estate debt platform will focus on originating senior and subordinate debt investments secured by institutional-quality real estate across primary and secondary markets.

"Over the past 27 years, our real estate debt investments supported the financing of approximately $9 billion of real estate assets. In today's market, we are seeing opportunities to lend on high quality real estate projects at particularly favorable risk/reward profiles," said Canyon Partners Co-Founder Josh Friedman.

Canyon Partners Real Estate's investment efforts focus on various segments of the U.S. commercial real estate market across both opportunistic and value-add debt and equity investments.

F9Analytics Releases Lease Engine for Commercial Real Estate Tech
F9Analytics, Tucson, released Lease Engine to help commercial real estate practitioners structure, analyze and report on commercial real estate leases.

Lease Engine lets commercial real estate firms maintain all financial lease data local on their private cloud. Its features include:
--Lease Comparison
--Save & Retrieve Data Locally on your Windows 10 operating system
--Lease Financial Valuation & Reporting
--Analyze Lease Cash Flows from Landlord/Tenant Perspective
--Model 256 Varying Lease Structures with Analytics
--Export Lease Financial Schedules to Excel in Seconds
--Export Lease Executive Summary to Word in Seconds
--Lease Optimizer
--Negotiate, Structure, Approve Lease Terms in Real-time
--Hyper-Efficient Financial Lease Structuring & Approvals
--Optimize 128 Varying Financial Lease Structures
--Financially Engineer Lease to Target Landlord Leasing Plan
--Target both Lease NPV and Property IRR (Hurdle Rate)

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