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Encourage your colleagues and associates to attend MBA's Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference (IMB22). Use #MBAIMB22 on social media.

Simply right-click on the "Attend MBA's IMB22" image, select "Copy" and then "Paste" it into your email signature* or website. Then right-click the image, select "Hyperlink" and paste the URL ( into the address or destination box.

*To add to an email signature (in Outlook): Right-click the "Attend" image, select "Copy." Open a New Message in Outlook, click the "Insert" tab and select "Signatures." Pick "Select signature to edit" and paste the image in the "Edit signature" field. To link the banner, select it and click the globe icon in the upper right corner of the Edit signature field, then paste the URL as indicated.

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IMB20 Graphic

IMB20 Graphic

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