Tech Conference 2016


Jerry Kaplan

Jerry Kaplan Ph.D.
Bestselling Author
Technical Innovator 

Opening General Session
Monday, April 4
8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

The Impact of Artifical Intelligence on the Mortgage Industry
Recent advances in artificial intelligence are poised to impact many aspects of the mortgage business, including risk management, compliance and even the sales process.  Should you be comfortable ceding your professional judgment to a computer program? Can intelligent machines be trusted to steer clear of discriminatory factors? As a new generation of "digital natives" seek their first mortgages, will they favor robotic brokers over human ones? And what is this likely to mean for jobs, skills and opportunities in the industry? Learn more about the potential benefits and pitfalls of this new technology from a noted expert in the field. 

About Jerry Kaplan, Ph.D.
Jerry Kaplan is widely known as a serial entrepreneur, technical innovator, bestselling author and futurist. He co-founded four Silicon Valley startups, two of which became publicly traded companies. He teaches Philosophy, Ethics and Impact of Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University, where he is a Fellow at the Center for Legal Informatics.

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