National Advocacy Conference

National Advocacy Conference

National Advocacy Conference

April 12-13 | Capital Hilton | Washington, DC

MBA remains the most influential and powerful presence on real estate finance issues in the country. While we are bigger and stronger than ever before, we need to be even louder in 2016.

A loud and cohesive voice is critical as we seek to shift the tone in our Nation's capital from one of distrust to one of confidence in our industry.

This is why our National Advocacy Conference is so important.

It is the largest advocacy event of the year focused solely on the issues facing real estate finance.

It is the one time during the year that we can collectively show Congress, including your elected officials, just how impactful and damaging proposed legislation can be to our businesses, consumers and the economy.

MBA's President and CEO, David H. Stevens, has issued the following challenge to MBA members:

"In order to be effective, and show lawmakers that our industry really cares about the effects of their decisions, we need a show of force at this year's National Advocacy Conference. Advocacy is a numbers game and we need to show our strength by doubling the attendance that we have traditionally seen at this conference.  

I challenge each and every member company to show your commitment to positive industry change by sending at least one participant to this critical event."

Speak up and make a difference.

Join MBA in Washington, D.C. this April 12-13.

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