State and Local Workshop 2016

State and Local Workshop 2016

MBA State and Local Workshop 2016

April 11-12 | Capital Hilton | Washington, DC

Bringing Industry Leaders Together

The real estate finance industry needs strong and vibrant state and local mortgage banking associations. Just as the national MBA advances the industry's interests in our nation's capital, each state and local organization serves to represent industry priorities in their own state capitals, county seats and city halls. At the same time, they also weave the fabric of the industry in communities throughout America.

Each year, leaders and key stakeholders of state and local MBAs gather to pool their talents, share ideas and compare lessons learned-with each other and with the national association. MBA's State and Local Workshop is a unique opportunity for all the associations involved to align their agendas for the year ahead, while also attending MBA's National Advocacy Conference.

What people are saying about MBA’s State and Local Workshop


If you are looking to take your local MBA to the next level then attendance at the State and Local Workshops and participation in the NAC is a must for you and your organization. The information you will obtain will only be exceeded by the experience and interactions you will be having with your peers at other MBA's not only in sharing best practices but also in truly learning how important advocacy is and how to ensure that your advocacy is not a 1 time event each year. You will definitely come away from these events with renewed energy and drive to do whatever needs to be done to advance and elevate not only the mortgage banking business but also your own career.

– Jim Bopp, President, MBA New York

We learned about a variety of financial partnership opportunities for state organizations at last year's Workshop. We took advantage of them and those efforts are paying dividends to our association and building member value without any additional costs to us. Win-Win! 

– Tracy Ottinger, Executive Director, Virginia MLA

I couldn't be more supportive of aligning the MBA National Advocacy Conference and the State and Local Workshop!! Last year, we attended both events. For the NAC, MBA gave us all the tools we needed in order to meet with our Federal legislators. They provided us with easy to understand and comprehensive training (both before and at the conference) on large-scale industry priorities and gave us the materials we needed in order to be effective and knowledgeable. We also had a chance to meet the other conference attendees from our state to plan for each individual meeting. MBA scheduled all of our appointments and when we went to Capitol Hill - our group was ready! Last year we had appointments with six of our legislators and/or senior staff, including Senator Warren's office. That particular meeting in Washington led to a future meeting with the Senator back in Massachusetts with just our state MBA members and was the start of establishing an ongoing relationship with the Senator and her staff. That kind of opportunity to build key relationships on behalf of our members only happens by coming to DC for these two key events.

– Debbie Sousa, Executive Director, Massachusetts MBA

I've attended a number of State and Local Workshops, and recently we started including a long conversation session we call "Coffee Talk." This has been a chance for all state and local industry stakeholders to talk about any new ideas they have, ask their peers for advice, talk about lessons learned, and develop best practices. I've been really surprised not only by how much I've been learning in these sessions, but also how much implementation has saved our association money....enough to cover my costs for attending!

– Joanne Misuraca, Executive Director, Michigan MLA

Recruiting of industry professionals to be members of the Mortgage Action Alliance, the industry's free grassroots program, is a great way to give your state association members real value at no cost to your group. The State and Local Workshop is where your leadership can learn how to do that to maximum effect.

– Amy Swaney, CMB, MBA’s Nevada Ambassador, Former MAA Chair and Arizona MLA President

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