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MBA's Servicing Solutions Conference & Expo gives you access to leading companies that provide products and services that you can use to take your business to the next level. View our complete list of exhibitors below and don't forget to visit them in THE HUB at this year's event.

Please contact Angie Kocken at (202) 557-2790 or email akocken@mba.org if you are interested in becoming an exhibitor.

THE HUB 2019! Check out THE HUB activities from MBA Servicing19 and see our list of 2019 exhibitors.

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Exhibit Set-Up

Saturday, February 22
8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Sunday, February 23
8:00 AM-4:00 PM


Sunday, February 23
5:00 PM-6:00 PM

Monday, February 24
10:00 AM-5:30 PM

Tuesday, February 25
10:30 AM-3:00 PM

Exhibit Dismantle

Tuesday, February 25
3:00 PM-9:00 PM

Wednesday, February 26
8:00 AM-11:00 AM

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  • a360inc

    Booth 524

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    a360inc is a leading technology and outsourcing services provider to the financial services, real estate, and legal industries. Learn more about a360inc and its suite of products and services at a360inc.com.

  • ABC Legal Services

    Booth 627

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    If ultimate performance is your goal, use the best performer. We file and serve more than 100,000 lawsuits each month, largely paperless, and with absolute transparency and compliance control. Our 3,000 repeat customers provide us the resources to attract

  • Accumatch

    Booth 620

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    Accumatch is the premier real estate tax servicer for lenders nationwide. We partner with financial institutions to address one of the most daunting aspects of loan servicing while utilizing innovative approaches to meet their ever-changing needs.

  • ACES Risk Management (ARMCO)

    Booth 508

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    ARMCO's product line includes loan quality enterprise software, services, data and analytics. ACES Audit Technologyÿ is used at every point in the loan lifecycle, giving servicing professionals credibility and confidence in their loan quality.

  • ACI Worldwide

    Booth 400

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    A trailblazer in the industry, ACI Speedpay offers the most advanced features and services for clients across numerous industries. www.aciworldwide.com

  • Activist Legal LLP

    Booth 902

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    Activist Legal is a law firm that facilitates legal services for real estate, mortgage banking & private investor transaction. We serve nationwide, plus Puerto Rico, except Hawaii.

  • Allied Solutions

    Booth 621

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    Allied Solutions is one of the largest providers of insurance, lending, and marketing products to financial institutions in the US. Allied Solutions uses technology based products and services customized to meet the needs of over 4,000 clients.

  • Alstate Process Service, Inc.

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  • American Legal & Financial Network (ALFN)

    Booth 507

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    ALFN is a national non-profit trade association in the financial services industry, with membership opportunities for law firms, foreclosure trustees, vendors and servicers. ALFN offers its members education, advocacy, leadership, events & networking.

  • Azimuth GRC

    Booth 408

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    Automated regulatory compliance platform that provides organizations with an efficient way to demonstrate up-to-the minute compliance with industry regulations while eliminating time and expenses previously spent on manual compliance tasks and processes.

  • Black Knight

    Booth 501

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    Black Knight is a leading fintech delivering integrated, high-performance technology, data and analytics to the mortgage industry. These proven solutions help clients retain customers, increase efficiencies and reduce risk.

  • Brace Software

    Booth 608

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    Brace is changing the status quo of loan servicing software. Brace has developed a loss mitigation solution that includes a revolutionary digital borrower packet and fully robust enterprise solution for mortgage servicers.

  • Brookstone Management, LLC

    Booth 319

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    Property Preservation/REO Repairs/Conveyance

  • CEDAR CX Technologies, Inc.

    Booth 820

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    CEDAR offers digital customer communications management and mobile loan account management through a compliant, cost-effective single vendor solution.

  • Chetu Inc.

    Booth 425

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    Chetu develops custom software solutions for the Mortgage/Lending industries including loan origination, loan servicing, & more. As an Ellie Mae Pro consulting partner Chetu accelerates the delivery & deployment of Ellie Mae's mortgage management solution

  • CINCOM Systems, Inc.

    Booth 424

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    By streamlining the design, deployment and delivery of high volume personalized customer communication (print and digital) Cincom helps mortgage banking providers strengthen customer relationship, minimize compliance risks and reduce operating costs for a

  • Claims Recovery Financial Services (CRFS)

    Booth 407

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    Since opening in 2002, CRFS has become the industry leader in post-default claims management outsource and consulting solutions.

  • Clarifire

    Booth 415

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    Digital operational efficiency is at the heart of what we do. As experts in workflow automation, CLARIFIRE® automated workflows standardizes processes and delivers rapid responses to your customers which translates into retention and a positive experience

  • Clearwater Payments

    Booth 310

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    Clearwater Payments provides relevant loan payment options using open API technology that integrates easily with existing systems. Our solution delivers real-time transaction information and reporting and settles a daily deposit for ALL payment types.

  • Codilis & Associates, PC

    Booth 721

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    The Codilis law firms provide residential and commercial legal and title services to mortgage lenders, servicers, and investors of the mortgage servicing industry in 5 states: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, and Wisconsin.

  • Court Appearance Professionals

    Booth 301

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    CAP is the nation's leading attorney owned, legal support firm dedicated to handling court hearings across the country. For 25 yrs CAP has been providing reliable and experienced attorneys to competently represent you for the lowest rates in the industry.

  • Covius

    Booth 518

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  • CSC

    Booth 813

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    CSC provides electronic recording (eRecording) that allows document submitters to quickly securely record documents anywhere across the United States. Our solution reduces risk document rejection, and processing time across a document is life cycle.

  • DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC

    Booth 519

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    DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC offers a wide range of loss mitigation services to streamline your Default Servicing platform. Executing all aspects of Default Servicing, DLS helps to reduce agency risk while concentrating on the needs of our clients.

  • Docketly

    Booth 625

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    Docketly is a software company that provides nationwide appearance counsel. We connect high-volume law firms with more than 10,000 reliable attorneys. Our unique software lets us meet your compliance needs and offer the best prices in the industry.

  • DocProbe LLC

    Booth 606

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    We are your source for obtaining missing recorded documents and title policies. For one document or many, count on us to locate them for you. DocProbe provides extensive follow up, making sure each document is received so your file is complete.

  • Door and Window Guard Systems, Inc.

    Booth 304

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    DAWGS (Door and Window Guard Systems) rents attractive steel panels (Door and Window Guards) to secure door and window openings on vacant properties. Our products provide security to property owners from the many problems associated with vacant property.

  • Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc.

    Booth 615

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    Dovenmuehle provides private label subservicing for more than 350 lenders of all sizes nationwide. Our program delivers significant cost savings, improved customer service and enhanced digital capabilities compared to servicing loans internally.

  • Doxim

    Booth 302

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    Doxim is one of the largest providers of customer communications and document solutions in the United States. With our dedicated team of over 500 employees across 8 locations in North America, we serve over 2000+customers in regulated industries, and touc

  • DXC Technology

    Booth 325

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    DXC Earlyresolution centralize and automates the entire loan default process form initial contact through underwriting and settlement. It also enable core collection scripting, customer service, short sales, and loss mitigation and foreclosure activities.

  • Easy Mortgage Apps, LLC

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  • eNotaryLog, LLC

    Booth 427

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    eNotaryLog.com is an online notary public platform. We provide notaries and their clients a host of service such as; e-notarizations, and a top of the line digital notary logbook.

  • EQUATOR, an Altisource Business Unit

    Booth 500

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    Equator is a leading provider of default servicing software and asset management solutions for servicers, real estate agents, vendors and other mortgage and real estate industry professionals.

    • Phone: (949) 502-2266
  • Equifax

    Booth 900

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    With a wide range of differentiated data assets, Equifax has insights and solutions needed to help Mortgage Servicers address industry challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

  • FICS

    Booth 401

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    FICS provides cost-effective, efficient, flexible residential mortgage servicing software that integrates with our loan origination software. FICS has delivered exceptional automation, performance, system support and value for more than three decades.

  • First Freedom Preservation LLC

    Booth 912

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    First Freedom Preservation provides Custom REO solutions for property preservation and renovation clients in the Mid-Atlantic region.

  • Five Brothers Asset Management Solutions

    Booth 808

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    Founded in 1967, Five Brothers is a Certified Women's Business Enterprise and a privately owned family corporation that provides innovative, regulatory-compliant default and REO asset management property preservation and related field services nationwide.

  • Freddie Mac

    Booth 701

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    Freddie Mac provides liquidity, stability and affordability to the nation's residential mortgage markets. Freddie Mac has made homeownership possible for 80 million homeowners and is leading the way to reimagine servicing.

  • Hubzu, a Business Unit of Altisource

    Booth 502

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    Hubzu is a leading online real estate marking platform. Since 2009, Hubzu has facilitated the sale of over 212,000 home in the United States and Puerto Rico via its transparent online marketing and auction process.

  • ibml

    Booth 807

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    ibml delivers intelligent capture solutions that provide the information capture and delivery required to support every step of the loan document lifecycle from origination through servicing including ingesting structured and unstructured forms.

  • Idaho Housing and Finance Association

    Booth 824

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    The Finally Home! Homebuyer education program is an industry-leading online education course ideal for all first-time buyers. This course empowers first-time buyers, helps them navigate the home-buying process, and encourages sustainable homeownership.

  • IMS Datawise

    Booth 426

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    Presenting the app by IMS Datawise-Where the best skilled professionals delivering bespoke services for property preservation companies gather in an exciting and competitive marketplace.

  • Inco-Check, Inc.

    Booth 818

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    Inco-Check provides critical decision support tools and services for leading mortgage companies, banks, and lenders nationwide. Inco-Check empowers its clients by assisting them in the assurance of mortgage integrity by providing Quality Control and Fraud

  • Iron Mountain

    Booth 826

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    Iron Mountain Mortgage & Loan Solutions provides services including Document Custody Pre-Certification Review, Mortgage Servicing Transfers, Post-Closing as a Service, File Room services, Default Loan Servicing Management and Collateral File Safekeeping.

  • ISGN Corporation

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    Based in Melbourne, FL, ISGN Corporation (ISGN) delivers smart and innovative SaaS technology solutions to the US residential mortgage industry. With powerful and feature-rich products for core and default servicing as well as construction lending, some o

  • Joseph R Doher, PA

    Booth 314

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    Orlando top Broker since 1993 with over 10,000 transactions, specializing in REO, Relocation, sales & acquisitions. Saved clients over $489,000 in 2018 by working with municipalities & HOA's to reduce fines & lines by bringing properties into compliance.

  • Lanvera

    Booth 718

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    With mobile, web, email and print delivery, Lanvera's Services improve control, flexibility, speed and compliance. Lanvera is an expert in transactional document solutions for mortgage servicers through technology driven process.


    Booth 607

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    LERETA is committed to providing extraordinary service and cost-effective property tax and flood solutions. Our services are designed to increase efficiencies, reduce penalties and liabilities, and improve processes for mortgage originators and servicers.

  • Loan Protector

    Booth 720

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    We offer Lender Placed & REO insurance, full outsourced insurance tracking for residential, multi-family, commercial, and reverse mortgage - with custom interfaces for all service platforms. Our focus is on borrower-first & regulatory compliance.

  • LOGS Network

    Booth 707

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    LOGS is the nation's most comprehensive network of law offices, title agencies and trustee companies, offering the creditors' rights industry the largest, most operationally cohesive footprint, covering 30+ states with brick-and-mortar office location

  • Manley Deas Kochalski, LLC

    Booth 419

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    MDK provides default litigation services to several fortune 500 companies including the largest financial institutions, mortgage servicing companies, commercial lenders, real estate developers, automobile finance companies and title insurance companies.

  • MetaSource LLC

    Booth 618

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    We increase mortgage origination and servicing profitability by streamlining and automating manual, document-intensive and error-prone processes - so that you have more time to originate loans and offer higher quality servicing.

  • Midwest Loan Services

    Booth 815

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    Midwest Loan Services provides private-label subservicing nationwide. Clients benefit from highly competitive pricing on all services offered. Our unique approach helps to retain borrowers: reduce costs and ensure regulatory and operational compliance.


    Booth 809

    More info Less info

    : MISMO provides a common language for communicating across the mortgage industry. Ask us about our new servicing transfers and Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) initiatives!

  • Mortgage Bankers Association

    Booth 713

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  • Mortgage Contracting Services, LLC

    Booth 801

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    Mortgage Contracting Services is a national mortgage services company founded in 1986. Our services include property inspections, property preservation, REO property maintenance, property registrations and other mortgage-related services in all 50 states.

  • MortgageFlex Systems, Inc.

    Booth 303

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    The MortgageFlexONE Servicing system is a web-based servicing system that is a modern, Microsoft Cloud hosted solution that is supported by a SQL DB. The system supports all investor requirements, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae. Real-ti

  • MSI

    Booth 307

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    Founded in 1983, MSI is a national field service company with a comprehensive suite products that range from inspection, preservation, repairs, code compliance, violation abatement and RSO asset management.

  • MSID US, Inc

    Booth 909

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    We provide automation solutions &services for the default industry. Some of the systems developed by us are 1.case management system for foreclosure and bankruptcy, 2. Automated invoice and document association supports ERP integration for billing and inv

  • National Field Representatives, Inc.

    Booth 512

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    Since 1989, NFR has provided nationwide Property Inspections, Preservation & REO services, Loss Draft Inspections, VPR's, Utility and Violation Management. NFR has extensive experience servicing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, & USDA loans.

  • Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

    Booth 418

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    Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) offers Life of Loan services to the nation's top mortgage lenders, servicers and investors. NTC provides close to thirty years of experience, knowledge and expertise to the Mortgage Finance Industry.

  • NCP Solutions, LLC

    Booth 403

    More info Less info

    NCP Solutions, an OSG Company, offers integrated print, mail and digital solutions tailored to support the delivery of time-sensitive transactional, legal and compliance statements and notifications.

  • NetDirector

    Booth 406

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    NetDirector offers cloud-based data integration for default servicing attorneys, servicers, vendors, and more. Firms and other organizations can move and transform their data with fewer internal resources by integrating once to NetDirector's integration h

  • Nexval, Inc.

    Booth 906

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  • Paradatec, Inc.

    Booth 726

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    Paradatec is the leader in AI-based document recognition and data capture in the mortgage industry. We offer a proven track record with the most efficient and accurate automated processes for, onboarding, compliance, and archiving loan documents.

  • Paymentus

    Booth 300

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    Provides integrated billing & payment solutions for mortgage servicers to electronically send bills, receive payments, manage outbound customer communications, reconcile payment in real-time, & empower customers with an easy-to-use self-service portal.

  • PayNearMe

    Booth 725

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    PayNearMe is the modern and reliable payments platform that lets your customer pay how, when and where they want. Accept cash, debit, credit, ACH and mobile-first payment methods including Apple Pay and Google Pay-all with a single platform.

  • Proctor Financial, Inc.

    Booth 413

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    Proctor Financial provides comprehensive insurance products and service solutions for financial institutions. While weaving compliance throughout all our applications and technologies, Proctor operates as an extension of our clients, where partnership mee

  • ProTec Solutions, LLC

    Booth 506

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    Touchstone, a monumental cloud-based document management system from purchase to payoff and everything in between. File review, exception management, doc and file tracking, district requirements, prepare releases,
    assignments, allonges and more.

  • Proventure Consulting, Inc.

    Booth 421

    More info Less info

    provenClaimsÿ is all-in-one Default Claims platform for FHA, GSE, Private MI, and VA Claims, and provides a single system to manage the entire process, from initial claim preparation, to electronic submission, receivables tracking, automated payment proce

  • ProVest, LLC

    Booth 526

    More info Less info

    ProVest is one of the nation's largest legal support services firms, providing service of process and related services to many of the country's most notable law firms, financial institutions and insurance companies. We serve millions of documents each yea

  • Rekon Technologies

    Booth 613

    More info Less info

    Rekon Technologies provides mortgage servicers with advanced technologies for lien release and assignment processing, and document management and tracking. The company's two central product offerings are Rekon and DokTrak Software.

  • Richey May & Co., LLP

    Booth 719

    More info Less info

    Richey May's Subservicer Oversight program provides value beyond the basic compliance requirements, including their challenges, strategic initiatives, business continuity and IT reviews to ensure data safety, optional loan level testing and more.

  • RR Donnelley

    Booth 327

    More info Less info

    RRD is a full service mortgage loan document processing and distribution with more than 35 years in the mortgage lending market.

  • Safeguard Properties

    Booth 601

    More info Less info

    As the leader in the mortgage field services industry, Safeguard provides the highest quality default property services by developing industry best practices and quality control procedures through our focus on innovative technology solutions.

  • Sagent Lending Technologies

    Booth 700

    More info Less info

    Sagent Lending Technologies is a near real-time servicing solution dedicated to helping our community of servicers better the lending experience for everyone. Our omni-channel solution is modern, compliant and built to grow with your business.

  • SingleSource

    Booth 619

    More info Less info

    For 20 years, SingleSource has provided nationwide field services, title, settlement, valuation, and asset management services to the largest origination, servicing, and secondary entities. We offer high quality solutions customized to meet your needs.

  • SoftWorks AI

    Booth 409

    More info Less info

    SoftWorks AI develops powerful automation solutions designed to help servicers dramatically shorten onboarding times, reduce costs, and improve compliance. Our modular approach allow firms to only consume the services they need.

  • TAB

    Booth 727

    More info Less info

    TAB has over 70 years experience in working with customer to accelerate business process and access to critical loan documents. Our team work specifically within financial services including mortgage servicing and document custody services providers.

  • Taylor Communications

    Booth 308

    More info Less info


  • TENA Companies, Inc.

    Booth 806

    More info Less info

    TENA is the premier provider of QC services and software to the mortgage lending and servicing industry. Providing these services and solutions since 1982, TENA's seasoned staff is available to help you navigate the regulatory aspects of your business.

  • The Money Source Inc.

    More info Less info

    As one of the fastest growing subservicing companies' in the mortgage industry, TMS is a core-values driven company focused on delivering best-in-class customer service with the best-in-class technology to homeowners across the nation.

  • USFN

    Booth 712

    More info Less info

    USFN is a national, non-profit trade association that has represented America's leading mortgage banking attorneys for over 30 years.

  • VAT Mortgage Services, LLC

    Booth 724

    More info Less info

    Cloud-claims is an automated web based technology solution for mortgage claim processing. Cloud-claims processes nearly all claim types as well as electron feeds to HUD and other claim types. It use a built in work-flow process as well as rules engine whi

  • Ventanex

    Booth 312

    More info Less info

    Ventanex is a technology innovator providing integrated, intelligent management of payment and messaging transactions. Our cloud based platform, LIFT, provides the full lifecycle of a payment or message with data security, tracking, and analytics.

  • Veros Real Estate Solutions

    Booth 907

    More info Less info

    Veros provides comprehensive enterprise risk management, collateral valuation services, and predictive analytics that span the mortgage lifecycle, including automated valuations, portfolio analysis, forecasting services and robust technology solutions.

  • Williams Worldwide Auction

    Booth 309

    More info Less info

    William & Williams is the leading real estate auction company for all types of real estate's residential, commercial, ranch, luxury, farm & land, foreclosure and REO.

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