CMB Sponsor Information

Body Background

The sponsorship of CMB® candidates in the early years of the designation was an informal relationship. With the growth and prestige of the designation, it has become incumbent upon current CMBs and the MBA Education staff to strengthen the sponsorship program. Experience over the last three to four years has demonstrated that successful candidates for the CMB designation are those who have had concerned, committed, and caring sponsors to help them in the process. For many, a six hour written exam, followed by a one hour oral exam administered by their peers, is very intimidating. It is the role of the sponsor to put the candidate at ease, to help them prepare for the written and oral examinations and to help them understand the goal of the CMB program.

It is important that the candidate understand the purpose of the designation and his/her personal motivation for becoming a Certified Mortgage Banker. It is the role of the CMB sponsor to be a mentor, a teacher, and a coach.

Candidate / Sponsor Profile

The sponsor should be actively involved in current MBA activities either at the state or national level. The sponsor needs to be up-to-date and current on business practices, market activity, regulatory environment as well as overall business conditions. Sponsors need to understand the serious nature of the commitment they are undertaking in being a mentor for a new generation of Certified Mortgage Bankers. Sponsors must understand the recruitment process, should go through a brief orientation of current criteria for the designation, and be fully conversant with the latest requirements for the CMB designation.

The ideal sponsor should be one who can direct the candidate to the necessary resources to build their knowledge. A sponsor should have oral interviewing experience, and should be willing to spend time mentoring the candidate.

Candidate Recruitment

Sponsors should take a vital role in candidate recruitment by actively recruiting at the School of Banking; at national MBA conventions, conferences, and seminars; and at state conventions and meetings.

CMB Sponsorship Guidelines

Click here for more information: CMB Sponsorship Agreement (PDF)