CCMS Points

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Prerequisites: Seven years of experience is recommended.

Step 1: Enroll
MBA Member: $350 | Nonmember $850
Complete an enrollment form and follow the instructions for submission.

Step 2: Submit Documentation
Please submit the following information to MBA Education upon enrollment in the CCMS program.

  • Current resumé
  • Transcript update form (provided by a Designation Specialist)

Step 3: Accumulate 150 Points
All CCMS candidates must accrue 150 points from three categories:

  • Professional Work Experience (35-point minimum)
  • Documented Education (25-point minimum)
  • Industry Participation (35-point minimum)

Once you submit your resume and/or transcript update form, we can evaluate your current point status and provide you with a personalized plan to help you complete this step of the program. Points will be confirmed by a Designation Specialist by emailing MBA Education at

Use the worksheet on the last page of brochure to help determine how many points you may have already.

Step 4: Study
Once you have acquired the 150 CCMS points, you are ready to move to the examination phase. The exam is conducted in two parts: a written exam and an oral exam.

Online Prep Course
MBA Member: $350 | Nonmember: $550
Online CCMS Prep Course: The online prep course is designed to provide candidates with an in-depth, guided group study led by current CCMS designees. At least one course will be scheduled during the year to help candidates successfully pass the written exam. The online prep course is strongly recommended, but not required. Visit for more information.

Step 5: Test
Member: $350 | Nonmember: $550

Written Exam
The written exam is administered in your office by an approved proctor.

Oral Exam
Oral exams are conducted each spring at MBA's Commercial / Multifamily Servicing and Technology Conference as well as other times throughout the year, pending candidate

Step 6: Graduate and Be Recognized
Once you successfully complete the designation requirements you are officially a CCMS designee.

The Ceremony
You are honored and awarded your official plaque at the CCMS Graduation Ceremony and Reception, held each year at MBA's Commercial / Multifamily Servicing and Technology Conference.

As a member of the elite group of CCMS designees, you are encouraged to participate in high-level industry events, including networking opportunities and receptions. Youare also recognized in MBA publications and on the MBA Education web site.

All CCMS designees will be required to maintain their designation with continuing education and participation in the MBA and the commercial mortgage industry.