Commercial Certified Mortgage Servicer (CCMS) Prep Course

Public Course Delivery Method: Guided Web-based Course
Duration of Course:Eight Weeks

About this Course

The goal of the Commercial Certified Mortgage Servicer (CCMS) online prep course is to help candidates prepare for the six-hour CCMS written exam. All five sections of the exam will be covered during this course.

The five areas of the exam and prep course are as follows:

  • Lending
  • Operations and Asset Management
  • Servicing Company Valuation
  • Markets and Investment
  • Legal and Regulatory

For each section of the exam, candidates will be provided prep course materials, including a written overview of the section as well as assignments. The assignments provide opportunities to interact with the instructors and other candidates on the discussion board, and obtain feedback from the instructor.

CCMS instructors will guide your preparation by:

  • Reviewing and responding to the discussion questions in each section.
  • Reviewing the sample essay assignments and providing you with feedback and recommendations.
  • Providing you with feedback and guidance in preparation during the scheduled conference calls.

The purpose of the course is to provide a framework around which you can begin your study process. You are strongly encouraged to work closely with industry experts and other candidates as you prepare for the CCMS written and oral exams. Not all topics that will be on the exam are covered in this course.

Course Schedule

The course will begin with a welcome conference call where participants will be provided with an overview of the course and an opportunity to meet the instructors and fellow candidates.

A weekly discussion conference call for each section will be conducted to provide the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the material and for the CCMS experts to give final feedback for each section. Students will complete the course assignments in the online course space between the weekly conference calls.

The course will conclude with a final wrap-up conference call where candidates will gain final feedback from the CCMS experts on their written exam preparation, talk about preparation for the oral exam, and learn about next steps to schedule their exams.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is open to CCMS Candidates who are already enrolled in the CCMS program only.

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Upcoming Offerings

There are no upcoming CCMS prep courses at this time. Please check back soon.