Specialist Designations

Bo Specialist certificates and designations recognize expertise and commitment to a specific area of the industry. Several programs are compiled of three levels, including an achievement certificate, professional certificate and ultimately a specialist designation. These levels must be completed consecutively. Each level of these programs represents at least 50 hours of learning and is completed through a comprehensive exam. Some professionals and organizations choose to earn only the first levels of these programs.

The first two levels of these programs represent proficiency, while the third and final designation level propels professionals to the highest levels of each specialist area. Each level denotes a high standard of learning that helps organizations and the industry reach a higher level of effectiveness, efficiency and competence.

Current Specialist Certificates and Designations

Follow the links below to learn more about each program, including the achievement and professional certificates that are part of each respective program.

Program Path  Available
Commercial Certified Mortgage Servicer (CCMS)

Point System - Education, Industry Experience and Participation Avaliable
Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer (CMS) 

Three Levels - Achievement Certificate, Professional Certificate and Specialist Designation All levels available
Certified Residential Underwriter (CRU)

Three Levels - Achievement Certificate, Professional Certificate and Specialist Designation  All levels available
Chartered Realty Investor (CRI)®

Two Levels - Associate and Charter All levels available
Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) Complete the School of Mortgage Banking signature series (three intensive real estate finance courses) Available