CCMS Who's Who

MBA Designations Staff:
Amber K. Lawrence
Associate Director, Education Operations & Programming
MBA Education

CCMS Designees:
Joni Brown-Haas, CCMS*
Vice President
Prudential Asset Resources

Marlies Bruning, CCMS
Managing Director
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Kent Cummings, CCMS
Director, Quality and Operations
Prudential Asset Resources

Clare Dooley, CCMS
Senior Vice President-Strategic Initiatives

Anne Doty, CCMS
Vice President
Grandbridge Real Estate Capital LLC

Lillian Fahr, CCMS
Director, Defeasance Management
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Arthur Francis, CCMS*
Assistant Vice President, Investment Services
John Hancock Financial Services

Rachelle (Shelley) Hasskamp, CCMS
Senior Vice President
Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital, LLC

Michael Heagerty, CCMS
Newmark Realty Capital, Inc.

Kent Jurgensen, CCMS
Principal Real Estate Investors

Crystal Kalinowski, CCMS*
Vice President
Bernard Financial Group

David Kaplan, CCMS
Managing Director
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Keith Kehlbeck, CCMS*
Vice President, Investment Operations
Prudential Asset Resources

Tina J. LaFon, CCMS
Assistant Vice President
Loan Servicing PNC Real Estate

Mary Lou Lemley, CCMS
Executive Vice President
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Richard Marion, CCMS
Director, Special Asset Management
Berkeley Point Capital

Ellen Miller, CCMS
Managing Director, Servicing
Berkeley Point Capital

Dan Olsen, CCMS
Senior Vice President
KeyBank Real Estate Capital

Daniel Phelan, CCMS
President & CEO
Pacific Southwest Realty Services

Jay Puckett, CCMS
Managing Director
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Russell Richardson, CMB, CCMS
Senior Vice President, Asset Management & Servicing
ACRE Capital LLC

Thomas Ruffin, CCMS
Vice President
Armada Analytics, Inc.

Deborah Schiavo, CCMS*
Consultant | Fixed Income & Commodities

Robert Shean, CCMS
Chief Operating Officer
M&T Realty Capital Corporation

Janine Stallings, CCMS
Vice President, Corporate Audit
Pacific Life Insurance Company

Kevin Sullivan, CCMS
Managing Director / Asset Management & Servicing
Oak Grove Capital

Tara L. Uebelhor-Bayse, CCMS
Manager - Commercial Mortgage Asset Management
OneAmerica Financial Partners

John Worden, CCMS*
Senior Vice President, Chief Asset Manager
NorthMarq Capital

Robert Wright, CCMS*
Senior Vice President, Servicing Operations
PNC Real Estate

*CCMS Qualifications Committee

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