Instructor-Led Programs

Bring MBA Education's hands-on programs directly to your staff through instructor-led training. From real estate finance basics to high-level understanding of industry-specifc issues and operations, MBA Education has the resources to provide your staff with comprehensive professional development programming that fits with your corporate culture and needs.

MBA Education offers several instructor-led education options and solutions to meet the needs of your organization. These solutions include:

Standard Private Classes

Bring MBA Education's instructor-led courses directly to your staff on your terms without the travel costs. Choose from the same established and time-tested MBA Education programs offered via open enrollment. To meet your training needs, modest modifications can be made to course content to address specific case studies as they apply to your business. MBA Education will bring any course directly to you either online or to your location at your convenience. Some topics covered in these private classes include:

Customized Private Classes

With customized instructor-led training, you get the benefits of interactive training without the travel costs and your whole staff gets trained at the same time. Choose from a wide variety of topics. MBA Education's professional staff works with you to customize course content to create a unique curriculum that fits your needs and helps you reach your corporate professional development goals. Any MBA Education content regardless of how it is offered to the public can be customized into a private class. 

Open Enrollment

Students enrolled in publicly scheduled MBA Education instructor-led programs benefit from interaction with industry peers and intensive hands-on training. MBA Education can work with companies to get groups of employees trained for discounted prices. The more courses you enroll your workforce in, the more we can work with you to create a plan that meets your training and budget needs. View a list of upcoming courses.

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