Web-Based Self-Study Solutions

MBA Education's web-based education enables high-quality focused learning that fits even the fullest schedules. Online courses can be accessed from anywhere at any time so participants are able to study when and where they want.

MBA Education offers several eLearning solutions that can be applied across the enterprise to bring knowledge, skills and value to your organization. These solutions include:

Web-Based Library of Self-Study Courses 
Build your company's own online learning platform by bringing MBA Education's extensive Learning Management System (LMS) directly to the desktops of your staff. This solution is ideal for small to midsize companies that have not purchased an LMS but want to present a customized and concentrated solution to their employees. Our wed-based library encompasses and expands upon solutions from past MBA Education initiatives and provides your employees with extensive training and current information. 

Content Licensing
Seamlessly incorporate MBA Education's courses into your learning platform. This product is ideal for large organizations that need to leverage economies of scale in purchasing and want to have a high degree of involvement in the delivery of eLearning to their employees. Select a curriculum from existing solutions or create your own.

Contact Jeff Schummer, VP of Education Business Development, at (202) 557-2887 or at jschummer@mba.org.