Web-Based Library

Build your own online learning platform with our web-based library of self-study courses, which brings MBA Education's extensive Learning Management System (LMS) directly to the desktops of your staff. Standardize your training efforts for your entire staff, specific departments or specialized groups, through this flexible and extensive solution.

Explore our full library of topics with course descriptions here. 

Simply select the curriculum you need from MBA Education's extensive Web-based course offerings to successfully meet your training goals. We offer standard off-the-shelf and custom curriculum.

  • Standard Curriculum: Standard curriculum offerings include course libraries, which focus on skill sets of specific functions and specialties within real estate finance, such as regulatory compliance, underwriting, and commercial and residential servicing.
  • Custom Curriculum: Your training goals are as unique as your business. MBA Education can help create customized curriculum to meet your needs.

Reports and Assessments
Tracking the progress and success of your students is simple with MBA Education's monthly reports. Reports include a summary of activities including enrollment in and completion of courses.

Certify Your Staff
Standardized curriculum programs include complimentary student registration for all MBA Education achievement and professional certificates including access to exams. Enrollment in specialist and professional designations is not included in the package. Learn more about certifications.

Will This Work For My Company?
This solution is ideal for small to mid-size companies that have not purchased a LMS, but want to present a customized solution to their employees. This is the preferred product of training executives that want to have little direct management of the delivery of training.

Pricing is determined by two variables, size of audience and amount of content licensed.

Contact Jeff Schummer, VP of Education Business Development, at (202) 557-2887 or at jschummer@mba.org.