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Today more than ever, corporate training executives and business leaders across the industry are expected to deliver real value to their stakeholders. MBA Education serves as the perfect partner-in-learning to make this happen. Whether your company's training strategy success is measured by employee development, retention, impact or return on investment, MBA Education has the right mix of products and services to deliver tangible business results every time.

We work with hundreds of companies, many of which face the same challenges as your company does today, with tremendous success. Through a combination of online learning, instructor-led training, publications, custom development and a robust Learning Management System, MBA Education program consultants stand ready to build a learning solution to harmonize with your company's business goals and objectives.

MBA Education is the Real Estate Finance Industry's Partner in Business-Impact Learning

NEW Read a Case Study: MBA Education worked with Berkadia to implement a measurable commercial servicing education program. Their joint effort has contributed to Berkadia's goal of providing a best-in-class learning and development program through Berkadia University. Read the case study.NEW: Several of our new offerings can be widely applied across your business, including enterprise certification programs, a new voucher program for flexible and discounted attendance in classroom-based programs and other custom solutions, such as rapid reaction training.Below are just a few of the many enterprise learning solutions offered by MBA Education. Call (800)793-6222, or contact to learn more.

eLearning Solutions
MBA Education's eLearning Solutions enable high-quality focused learning that fits even the fullest schedules. Web-based courses can be accessed from anywhere at any time so students are able to study when and where they want.

eLearning Solutions encompass and expand upon solutions formerly known as eTicket Training, Corporate Branding University and Content Licensing.

Enterprise Certification Program
Through the Enterprise Certification Program, your organization can set achievable learning goals and accomplish them through a certification-based curriculum that combines online and instructor-led learning, professional experience, industry participation and comprehensive exams. Each program, customized to the needs of your organization and your staff, builds valuable knowledge and skills. At the same time, you can gain recognition by earning one of MBA Education's renowned certificates or designations.

Instructor-led Education
Bring MBA Education's instructor-led programs directly to your staff through hands-on instructor-led training. From real estate finance industry basics to high-level understanding of specific industry issues and operations, MBA Education has the resources to bring your staff comprehensive professional development programming that fits with your corporate culture and needs.

Customized Training
MBA Education can work with you to develop a customized training program that delivers a set of outcomes determined by your objectives. Choose among distance-learning and classroom-based solutions that best suit the needs of you and your staff. Customized training can save you travel time and costs while training more people.

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Single-Family/Residential Self-Study Offerings

RS_GO_100 Mortgage Banking Primer

RC_GO_100.1 Introduction to Mortgage Banking
RC_GO_100.2 Loan Production Basics
RC_GO_100.3 Funding, Warehousing, Shipping, & QC Basics
RC_GO_100.4 Secondary Marketing Basics
RC_GO_100.5 Loan Administration Basics

RS_GO_F_200 Detecting Mortgage Loan Fraud

RC_GO_F_200.1 Mortgage Loan Fraud Overview & Current Trends
RC_GO_F_200.2 Mortgage Loan Fraud for Profit
RC_GO_F_200.3 Mortgage Loan-Level Misrepresentation
RC_GO_F_200.4 Mortgage Loan Fraud Best Practices & Resources

RS_LA_100 Basics of Mortgage Servicing

RC_LA_100.1 Servicing in the Mortgage Lending Process
RC_LA_100.2 Loan Administration Concepts
RC_LA_100.3 Loan File Documents in Servicing
RC_LA_100.4 Loan Administration Functions

RS_LA_CM_200 Cashiering Overview

RC_LA_CM_200.1 Cash Flow
RC_LA_CM_200.2 Exceptions Processing
RC_LA_CM_200.3 Electronic Payments

RS_LA_CM_201 Essentials of Cash Management

RC_LA_CM_201.1 Types of Cash Movement
RC_LA_CM_201.2 Payment Automation
RC_LA_CM_201.3 Cash Processing

RS_LA_CR_200 Loan Admin for Customer Service Reps

RC_LA_CR_200.1 Mortgage Banking Concepts for CSRs
RC_LA_CR_200.2 Loan Administration Concepts for CSRs
RC_LA_CR_300.1 Customer Service Basics
RC_LA_CR_300.2 Laws & Regulations for CSRs
RC_LA_CR_300.3 Accounting for CSRs
RC_LA_CR_300.4 Escrow Operations for CSRs
RC_LA_CR_300.5 Servicing Transfers for CSRs

RS_LA_DA_200 Essentials of Default Administration

RC_LA_DA_200.1 Working in Default Administration
RC_LA_DA_200.2 Default Administration Functional Areas

RS_LA_DA_300 Collection Skills for Loan Counselors

RC_LA_DA_300.1 Managing Delinquency for Loan Counselors
RC_LA_DA_300.2 Collection Tools for Loan Counselors
RC_LA_DA_300.3 Telephone Skills for Loan Counselors
RC_LA_DA_300.4 Meeting Collection Goals for Loan Counselors

RS_LA_DA_301 Loss Mitigation

RC_LA_DA_301.1 Loss Mitigation Concepts
RC_LA_DA_301.2 Loss Mitigation Processes
RC_LA_DA_301.3 Loss Mitigation Options
RC_LA_DA_301.4 Math for Loss Mitigation
RC_LA_DA_301.5 GSE & Agency Loss Mitigation Options

RS_LA_DA_302 Bankruptcy Essentials

RC_LA_DA_302.1 Bankruptcy Basics
RC_LA_DA_302.2 Processing the Bankruptcy Loan

RS_LA_DA_303 Conventional Loan Recovery

RC_LA_DA_303.1 Conventional Loan Recovery: Essentials
RC_LA_DA_303.2 Conventional Loan Recovery: Foreclosure
RC_LA_DA_303.3 Conventional Loan Recovery: Claims
RC_LA_DA_303.4 Conventional Loan Recovery: Corporate Advance

RS_LA_DA_304 Basics of Managing REO

RC_LA_DA_205.1 Introduction to REO
RC_LA_DA_304.2 REO Acquisition and Boarding
RC_LA_DA_304.3 REO Pre-Marketing
RC_LA_DA_304.4 REO Marketing & Sale

RS_LA_EA_200 Escrow Essentials for Loan Administration

RC_LA_EA_200.1 Escrow in Loan Administration
RC_LA_EA_200.2 The Escrow Department
RC_LA_EA_300.1 Escrow Analysis
RC_LA_EA_300.2 Escrowing Property and Flood Insurance
RC_LA_EA_300.3 Escrowing Mortgage Insurance
RC_LA_EA_300.4 Escrowing Real Estate Taxes
RC_LA_EA_300.5 Escrow for New and Transferred Loans

RS_LA_EA_301 Insurance Servicing

RC_LA_EA_301.1 Insurance Servicing Foundations
RC_LA_EA_301.2 Property Insurance Requirements
RC_LA_EA_301.3 The Insurance Department
RC_LA_EA_301.4 Processing Insurance Claims
RC_LA_EA_301.5 Insurance Policies and Coverage
RC_LA_EA_301.6 Insurance Documents

RS_LA_FM_200 Corporate Accounting Overview

RC_LA_FM_200.1 Financial Categories for Loan Administration
RC_LA_FM_200.2 Government Financial Agencies

RS_LA_FM_300 Essentials of Corporate Accounting

RC_LA_FM_300.1 Financial Statement Analysis
RC_LA_FM_300.2 Portfolio Valuation

RS_LA_FM_301 Essentials of Bank Reconciliation

RC_LA_FM_301.1 Bank Reconciliation Concepts
RC_LA_FM_301.2 Investor Requirements in Bank Reconciliation

RS_LA_IR_200 Investor Reporting Fundamentals

RC_LA_IR_200.1 Investor Reporting Concepts
RC_LA_IR_200.2 Investor Reporting Requirements

RS_LA_IR_300 Essentials of Investor Reporting

RC_LA_IR_300.1 Freddie Mac Investor Reporting Requirements
RC_LA_IR_300.2 Fannie Mae Investor Reporting Requirements
RC_LA_IR_300.3 Ginnie Mae Investor Reporting Requirements
RC_LA_IR_300.4 Private Investor Reporting Requirements

RS_LA_PLA_200 Payoff, Lien Release, & Assumption

RC_LA_PLA_200.1 Mortgage Payoff Concepts
RC_LA_PLA_200.2 Lien Release Concepts
RC_LA_PLA_200.3 Mortgage Assumptions Concepts

RS_LA_SS_200 Servicing Home Equity Products

RC_LA_SS_200.1 Introduction to Equity Products
RC_LA_SS_200.2 Servicing Implications of Equity Products

RS_LA_SS_300 Special Loan Administration I

RC_LA_SS_300.1 Special Loan Basics
RC_LA_SS_300.2 Special Loan Products

RS_LA_SS_301 Special Loan Administration II

RC_LA_SS_301.1 Special Loan Features
RC_LA_SS_301.2 Special Loan Market

RS_LA_ST_200 Essentials of Servicing Transfers

RC_LA_ST_200.1 Servicing Transfers Concepts
RC_LA_ST_300.1 Servicing Transfers Process
RC_LA_ST_300.2 Investor Req. for Servicing Transfers

RS_LP_P_200 Processing from A to Z

RC_LP_P_200.1 Processing Fundamentals
RC_LP_P_200.2 The Loan Application for Processors
RC_LP_P_200.3 Verification & Supporting Documentation
RC_LP_P_200.4 Property Appraisal for Processors
RC_LP_P_200.5 File Review and Submission

RS_LP_U_200 Residential Underwriting Basics

RC_LP_U_200.1 Eligibility in Residential Underwriting
RC_LP_U_200.2 Income Review in Residential Underwriting
RC_LP_U_200.3 Credit Review in Residential Underwriting
RC_LP_U_200.4 Asset Review in Residential Underwriting
RC_LP_U_200.5 Collateral Review in Residential Underwriting
RC_LP_U_200.6 Final Review in Residential Underwriting

RS_LP_U_301 Introduction to Single-Family Appraisals

RC_LP_U_301.1 Analyzing the Appraisal
RC_LP_U_301.2 Property Valuation & Reporting Using DU
RC_LP_U_301.3 Property Valuation & Reporting Using LP 

RS_LP_U_302 Risk Assessment Using Credit Scores

RC_LP_U_302.1 Origin of Credit Scores in Lending
RC_LP_U_302.2 Credit Scoring Basics
RC_LP_U_302.3 Credit Scores in Risk Assessment

RS_LP_U_303 Basics of Automated Underwriting

RC_LP_U_303.1 Defining Automated Underwriting Systems
RC_LP_U_303.2 Evaluating Loans with Desktop Underwriter
RC_LP_U_303.3 Evaluating Loans with Loan Prospector

RS_LP_U_304 Manual Approach to Underwriting

RC_LP_U_304.1 Underwriting Methodology
RC_LP_U_304.2 Fannie Mae Manually Underwritten Loans
RC_LP_U_304.3 Freddie Mac Manually Underwritten Loans
RC_LP_U_304.4 Manual Underwriting Case Studies

RS_LP_U_305 Understanding Personal Tax Returns

RC_LP_U_305.1 Personal Tax Returns Basics
RC_LP_U_305.2 Income & Loss on Tax Returns
RC_LP_U_305.3 Supporting Income & Loss on Tax Returns
RC_LP_U_305.4 Supplemental Income & Loss on Tax Returns

RS_LP_U_306 Evaluating Business Tax Returns

RC_LP_U_306.1 Tax Structures for Self-Employed Borrowers
RC_LP_U_306.2 Evaluating Sole Proprietorships
RC_LP_U_306.3 Evaluating Partnerships
RC_LP_U_306.4 Evaluating Corporations

RS_LP_U_307 Underwriting Beyond the Basics

RC_LP_U_307.1 Underwriting Jumbo Loans
RC_LP_U_307.2 Underwriting Freddie Mac A- Loans
RC_LP_U_307.3 Appraisal Issues: Beyond the Basics

RS_LP_U_308 Underwriting Construction to Permanent Loans

RC_LP_U_308.1 The Construction Process at a Glance
RC_LP_U_308.2 Fannie Mae Constuction/Perm Guidelines
RC_LP_U_308.3 Freddie Mac Construction/Perm Guidelines
RC_LP_U_308.4 Acquisition Costs for Construction/Perm Loans

RS_LP_U_309 Underwriting Conditions for Manufactured Housing

RC_LP_U_309.1 Introduction to Manufactured Housing
RC_LP_U_309.2 Fannie Mae Guidelines for Manufactured Homes
RC_LP_U_309.3 Freddie Mac Guidelines for Manufactured Homes

RS_LP_U_310 Underwriting Properties with Collateral Issues

RC_LP_U_310.1 Underwriting Properties w Marketability Issues
RC_LP_U_310.2 Underwriting Properties w/ Structural Issues
RC_LP_U_310.3 Underwriting Properties w Environmental Issues

RS_LP_U_311 Underwriting Alternative Mortgage Products

RC_LP_U_311.1 Underwriting Affordable Solutions
RC_LP_U_311.2 Underwriting Reduced Payment Products
RC_LP_U_311.3 Underwriting FHA, VA, & Piggyback Loans

RS_RC_GO_201 Fair Lending Essentials

RC_RC_GO_201.1 Introduction to Fair Lending
RC_RC_GO_201.2 Fair Lending During Inquiries
RC_RC_GO_201.3 Fair Lending During Processing
RC_RC_GO_201.4 Fair Lending During Loan Disposition
RC_RC_GO_201.5 Evaluating Fair Lending Compliance

RS_RC_LP_200 Regulatory Compliance in Loan Production

RC_RC_LP_200.1 Regulatory Compliance in Loan Production
RC_RC_LP_200.2 Licensing Laws in Loan Production
RC_RC_LP_200.3 Disclosure Laws in Loan Production
RC_RC_LP_200.4 Consumer Protection Laws in Loan Production

RS_RC_LP_201 The TRID Rule & Completing the Forms

RC_RC_LP_201.1 The integrated Disclosure Rule
RC_RC_LP_201.2 Completing the Loan Estimate Form
RC_RC_LP_201.3 Completing the Closing Disclosure Form

RS_SM_100 Introduction to Secondary Marketing

RC_SM_100.1 Fundamentals of Secondary Marketing
RC_SM_100.2 How Secondary Marketing Works

Commercial/Multifamily Self-Study Offerings

CS_S_100 Life Cycle of CRE & Multifamily Loans
CS_S_200 Asset Management in CRE & Multifamily Lending
CS_S_201 Basics of CRE & Multifamily Servicing
CS_S_202 Benchmarking CRE & MF Servicer Performance
CS_S_203 Commercial Servicing Agreements
CS_S_204 CRE & MF Servicer Loan Level Surveillance
CS_S_205 Insurance Compliance for CRE & MF Lending
CS_S_206 Navigating Commercial Loan Documents
CS_S_207 Servicing in CRE & Multifamily Lending