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Staff Training Made Easy!

Today more than ever, corporate training executives and business leaders in the real estate finance industry are looking for comprehensive education and training programs from a reliable source that are delivered in a convenient, user-friendly and affordable format. Often times training providers face the challenge of meeting these demands without sacrificing program quality.

That's where we come in. Education Advantage, developed by MBA Education, is an annual online subscription-based training solution that provides you with access to our robust online learning library. Courses are broken down into individual high-quality learning modules covering aspects of the residential loan life-cycle. Leveraging our online learning portal, we're able to deliver our comprehensive curriculum in a convenient, user-friendly and affordable format to meet the training needs of any organization of any size.

Key Program Benefits:

  • Unlimited access to 160+ residential web-based, self-study courses.
  • Courses developed by MBA Education staff and industry experts, giving you reliable training from a trusted source.
  • Robust reporting to help you track student enrollments, status and grades at individual and corporate level.
  • Courses delivered on MBA's Learning Management System.
  • The ability to design student curriculums and tracks as you so desire.
  • Ability to generate certificates of completion.
  • Substantial discounts on designation tracks. 

Take the stress out of developing your training program for next year by enrolling in Education Advantage!

Target Audience

This unique program is tailored for small- to mid-sized lenders, Independent Mortgage Banks, Credit Unions and companies with staff serving the mortgage industry.

Pricing Options*

Education Advantage provides small- and mid-sized residential mortgage companies the choice of different pricing packages to meet your specific training needs and budgetary requirements.

Member  Non-Member 
Up to 25 employees - $4,000 Up to 25 employees - $8,000
Up to 50 employees - $8,000 Up to 50 employees - $16,000
Up to 75 employees - $12,000 Up to 25 employees - $24,000

Individual course enrollments through the Education Advantage program do not count towards certification and designation programs. Education Advantage subscribers are eligible to enroll their students in the following certification and designation packages at a discounted price as follows:

Certified Residential Underwriter  
Level I: $100 $450 Level II: $200 $550 Level III: $250 $650
Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer (all three tracks)  
Level I: $100 $450 Level II: $200 $550 Level III: $250 $650
Certified Mortgage Compliance Professional  
Level I: $100 $450 Level II: $200 $550 Level III: $250 $650

*Pricing is only applicable for courses being delivered on MBA Education's system. For content licensing pricing, please contact MBA.

If you would like to subscribe now, simply fill out the form and email it to or call (800) 793-6222, (select option 2).

Browse more than 150 web-based self-study modules that are included in each package.

All Pricing Options Include:

Unlimited use of Residential Self Study Library

  • More than 160 web-based self-study modularized courses ranging in length from 30-45 minutes

Access to recordings of our flagship webinar series

  • Warehouse Lending from A to Z (2 sessions)
  • Understanding the Mystery of Secondary Marketing (2 sessions)
  • Residential Underwriting Basics (4 sessions)
  • Mortgage Accounting (4 sessions)

Regular student reporting

  • Individual student progress, including grades for completed courses
  • Individual student transcripts Summary reports