Loan Administration

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Loan Administration professionals are challenged with retaining customers while protecting the security interest of the lender and investor. Acting as the anchor in this tenuously balanced relationship, you must understand a full range of changing issues affecting borrowers and investors. Whether you are an entry level individual or a seasoned professional, our curriculum covers everything from loan production basics to in-depth explorations of profitability, risk management, regulatory compliance and best practices.

That's where we come in. EDUCATION ADVANTAGE, developed by MBA Education, is an annual online subscriptionbased training solution that provides you with access to our robust online learning library. Courses are broken down into individual high-quality learning modules covering aspects of the residential loan lifecycle. Leveraging our online learning portal, we're able to deliver this comprehensive curriculum in a convenient, user-friendly and affordable format to meet the training needs of organizations of any size.

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Loan Administration


  • RC_LA_100.1 Servicing in the Mortgage Lending Process
  • RC_LA_100.2 Loan Administration Concepts
  • RC_LA_100.3 Loan File Documents in Servicing
  • RC_LA_100.4 Loan Administration Functions


  • RC_LA_CM_200.1 Cash Flow
  • RC_LA_CM_200.2 Exceptions Processing
  • RC_LA_CM_200.3 Electronic Payments
  • RC_LA_CM_201.1 Types of Cash Movement
  • RC_LA_CM_201.2 Payment Automation
  • RC_LA_CM_201.3 Cash Processing


  • RC_LA_EA_200.1 Escrow in Loan Administration
  • RC_LA_EA_200.2 The Escrow Department
  • RC_LA_EA_300.1 Escrow Analysis
  • RC_LA_EA_300.2 Escrowing Property and Flood Insurance
  • RC_LA_EA_300.3 Escrowing Mortgage Insurance
  • RC_LA_EA_300.4 Escrowing Real Estate Taxes
  • RC_LA_EA_300.5 Escrow for New and Transferred Loans
  • RC_LA_EA_301.1 Insurance Servicing Foundations
  • RC_LA_EA_301.2 Property Insurance Requirements
  • RC_LA_EA_301.3 The Insurance Department
  • RC_LA_EA_301.4 Processing Insurance Claims
  • RC_LA_EA_301.5 Insurance Policies and Coverage
  • RC_LA_EA_301.6 Insurance Documents


  • RC_LA_CR_200.1 Mortgage Banking Concepts for CSRs
  • RC_LA_CR_200.2 Loan Administration Concepts for CSRs
  • RC_LA_CR_300.1 Customer Service Basics
  • RC_LA_CR_300.2 Laws & Regulations for CSRs
  • RC_LA_CR_300.3 Accounting for CSRs
  • RC_LA_CR_300.4 Escrow Operations for CSRs
  • RC_LA_CR_300.5 Servicing Transfers for CSRs


  • RC_LA_DA_200.1 Working in Default Administration
  • RC_LA_DA_200.2 Default Administration Functional Areas
  • RC_LA_DA_300.1 Managing Delinquency for Loan Counselors
  • RC_LA_DA_300.2 Collection Tools for Loan Counselors
  • RC_LA_DA_300.3 Telephone Skills for Loan Counselors
  • RC_LA_DA_300.4 Meeting Collection Goals for Loan Counselors
  • RC_LA_DA_301.1 Loss Mitigation Concepts
  • RC_LA_DA_301.2 Loss Mitigation Processes
  • RC_LA_DA_301.3 Loss Mitigation Options
  • RC_LA_DA_301.4 Math for Loss Mitigation
  • RC_LA_DA_301.5 GSE & Agency Loss Mitigation Options
  • RC_LA_DA_302.1 Bankruptcy Basics
  • RC_LA_DA_302.2 Processing the Bankruptcy Loan
  • RC_LA_DA_303.1 Conventional Loan Recovery: Essentials
  • RC_LA_DA_303.2 Conventional Loan Recovery: Foreclosure
  • RC_LA_DA_303.3 Conventional Loan Recovery: Claims
  • RC_LA_DA_303.4 Conventional Loan Recovery: Corporate Advance
  • RC_LA_DA_205.1 Introduction to REO
  • RC_LA_DA_304.2 REO Acquisition and Boarding
  • RC_LA_DA_304.3 REO Pre-Marketing
  • RC_LA_DA_304.4 REO Marketing & Sale


  • RC_LA_FM_200.1 Financial Categories for Loan Administration
  • RC_LA_FM_200.2 Government Financial Agencies
  • RC_LA_FM_300.1 Financial Statement Analysis
  • RC_LA_FM_300.2 Portfolio Valuation
  • RC_LA_FM_301.1 Bank Reconciliation Concepts
  • RC_LA_FM_301.2 Investor Requirements in Bank Reconciliation


  • RC_LA_IR_200.1 Investor Reporting Concepts
  • RC_LA_IR_200.2 Investor Reporting Requirements
  • RC_LA_IR_300.1 Freddie Mac Investor Reporting Requirements
  • RC_LA_IR_300.2 Fannie Mae Investor Reporting Requirements
  • RC_LA_IR_300.3 Ginnie Mae Investor Reporting Requirements 
  • RC_LA_IR_300.4 Private Investor Reporting Requirements


  • RC_LA_SS_200.1 Introduction to Equity Products
  • RC_LA_SS_200.2 Servicing Implications of Equity Products
  • RC_LA_SS_300.1 Special Loan Basics
  • RC_LA_SS_300.2 Special Loan Products
  • RC_LA_SS_301.1 Special Loan Features
  • RC_LA_SS_301.2 Special Loan Market


  • RC_LA_PLA_200.1 Mortgage Payoff Concepts
  • RC_LA_PLA_200.2 Lien Release Concepts
  • RC_LA_PLA_200.3 Mortgage Assumptions Concepts


  • RC_LA_ST_200.1 Servicing Transfers Concepts
  • RC_LA_ST_300.1 Servicing Transfers Process
  • RC_LA_ST_300.2 Investor Req. for Servicing Transfers


  • RC: Residential Course
  • LA: Loan Administration
  • CM: Cash Management
  • EA: Escrow Administration
  • CR: Customer Relations
  • DA: Default Administration
  • FM: Financial Management
  • IR: Investor Reporting
  • SS: Specialty Servicing
  • PLA: Payoffs, Lien Release, Assumptions
  • ST: Servicing Transfers