Loan Production

The Successful Production of a Loan Begins with the Skills and Expertise of Your Team.

In loan production, accuracy and quality are paramount. Your originators, processors and closers must be experts on current loan products and programs, as well as technological advances,
up-to-the-minute regulations and new loan products that are changing the way loans are underwritten and processed.

That's where we come in. EDUCATION ADVANTAGE, developed by MBA Education, is an annual online subscriptionbased training solution that provides you with access to our robust online learning library. Courses are broken down into individual high-quality learning modules covering aspects of the residential loan lifecycle. Leveraging our online learning portal, we're able to deliver this comprehensive curriculum in a convenient, user-friendly and affordable format to meet the training needs of organizations of any size.

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  • RC_LP_P_200.1 Processing Fundamentals
  • RC_LP_P_200.2 The Loan Application for Processors
  • RC_LP_P_200.3 Verification & Supporting Documentation
  • RC_LP_P_200.4 Property Appraisal for Processors
  • RC_LP_P_200.5 File Review and Submission



  • RC_LP_U_200.1 Eligibility in Residential Underwriting
  • RC_LP_U_303.1 Defining Automated Underwriting Systems
  • RC_LP_U_303.2 Automated Underwriting w/ Desktop Underwriter
  • RC_LP_U_303.3 Automated Underwriting w/ Loan Product Advisor
  • RC_LP_U_304.1 Underwriting Methodology
  • RC_LP_U_304.2 Fannie Mae Manually Underwritten Loans
  • RC_LP_U_304.3 Freddie Mac Manually Underwritten Loans
  • RC_LP_U_304.4 Manual Underwriting Case Studies
  • RC_LP_U_307.1 Underwriting Jumbo Loans
  • RC_LP_U_307.2 Underwriting Freddie Mac A- Loans
  • RC_LP_U_308.1 The Construction Process at a Glance
  • RC_LP_U_308.2 Fannie Mae Constuction/Perm Guidelines
  • RC_LP_U_308.3 Freddie Mac Construction/Perm Guidelines
  • RC_LP_U_308.4 Acquisition Costs for Construction/Perm Loans
  • RC_LP_U_309.1 Introduction to Manufactured Housing
  • RC_LP_U_309.2 Fannie Mae Guidelines for Manufactured Homes
  • RC_LP_U_309.3 Freddie Mac Guidelines for Manufactured Homes
  • RC_LP_U_310.1 Underwriting Properties w/ Marketability Issues
  • RC_LP_U_310.2 Underwriting Properties w/ Structural Issues
  • RC_LP_U_310.3 Underwriting Properties w/ Environmental Issues
  • RC_LP_U_311.1 Underwriting Affordable Solutions
  • RC_LP_U_311.2 Underwriting Reduced Payment Products
  • RC_LP_U_311.3 Underwriting FHA, VA, & Piggyback Loans


  • RC_LP_U_200.3 Credit Review in Residential Underwriting
  • RC_LP_U_302.1 Origin of Credit Scores in Lending
  • RC_LP_U_302.2 Credit Scoring Basics
  • RC_LP_U_302.3 Credit Scores in Risk Assessment


  • RC_LP_U_200.2 Income Review in Residential Underwriting
  • RC_LP_U_305.1 Personal Tax Returns Basics
  • RC_LP_U_305.2 Income & Loss on Tax Returns
  • RC_LP_U_305.3 Supporting Income & Loss on Tax Returns
  • RC_LP_U_305.4 Supplemental Income & Loss on Tax Returns
  • RC_LP_U_306.1 Tax Structures for Self-Employed Borrowers
  • RC_LP_U_306.2 Evaluating Sole Proprietorships
  • RC_LP_U_306.3 Evaluating Partnerships
  • RC_LP_U_306.4 Evaluating Corporations


  • RC_LP_U_200.5 Collateral Review in Residential Underwriting
  • RC_LP_U_301.1 Analyzing the Appraisal
  • RC_LP_U_301.2 Property Valuation & Reporting Using DU
  • RC_LP_U_301.3 Property Valuation & Reporting Using LPA
  • RC_LP_U_307.3 Appraisal Issues: Beyond the Basics


  • RC_LP_U_200.4 Asset Review in Residential Underwriting


  • RC_LP_U_200.6 Final Review in Residential Underwriting



  • RC_LP_O_200.3 Generating Purchase Business for MLOs


  • RC: Residential Course
  • LP: Loan Production
  • O: Origination
  • P: Processing
  • U: Underwriting