Regulatory Compliance

Don't face tomorrow with uncertainty.

New and changing laws and regulations both on the federal and state levels constantly alter the face of the real estate finance industry. It is vital to understand the impact of these laws and regulations. MBA Education offers products and resources for both regulatory compliance professionals and other industry professionals who need to understand industry laws and regulations.

In addition, the effort to prevent and detect fraud in the mortgage lending process requires continuous learning to keep updated with current schemes, hot spots and red flags. MBA Education offers a variety of products and resources for quality assurance and fraud prevention professionals.

That's where we come in. EDUCATION ADVANTAGE, developed by MBA Education, is an annual online subscriptionbased training solution that provides you with access to our robust online learning library. Courses are broken down into individual high-quality learning modules covering aspects of the residential loan lifecycle. Leveraging our online learning portal, we're able to deliver this comprehensive curriculum in a convenient, user-friendly and affordable format to meet the training needs of organizations of any size.

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Regulatory Compliance


  • RC_RC_GO_100.1 Introduction to Regulatory Compliance
  • RC_RC_GO_100.2 Regulatory Compliance in the Residential Lending Cycle
  • RC_RC_GO_200.1 Consumer Financial Protection Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_201.1 Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_203.1 Privacy and Credit-Reporting Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_204.1 Anti-Money Laundering Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_205.1 Communication Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_206.1 Residential Loan Servicing Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_300.1 TRID Compliance Basics
  • RC_RC_GO_302.1 RESPA Compliance Basics
  • RC_RC_GO_303.2 Ability-to-Repay & Qualified Mortgage Rule
  • RC_RC_GO_304.2 The 2015 Update to the HMDA Rule


  • RC_RC_LP_200.1 Introduction to Compliance in Loan Production
  • RC_RC_LP_200.2 Licensing Laws in Loan Originiation
  • RC_RC_LP_200.3 Disclosure Laws in Loan Originiation
  • RC_RC_LP_200.4 Consumer Protection Laws in Loan Production
  • RC_RC_LP_201.1 Introduction to Fair Lending
  • RC_RC_LP_201.2 Fair Lending During Inquiries
  • RC_RC_LP_201.3 Fair Lending During Processing
  • RC_RC_LP_201.4 Fair Lending During Loan Disposition
  • RC_RC_LP_201.5 Evaluating Fair Lending Compliance 


  • RC (first instance): Residential Course
  • RC (second instance): Regulatory Compliance 
  • GO: General Overview
  • LA: Loan Administration
  • LP: Loan Production