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HMDA Data Points: Applicant Information
From March 10, 2017 Webinar
This webinar recording is focused on Applicant Information, which covers the following data points, ethnicity, race, sex and age.

HMDA Data Points: Application and Loan Information
From March 8, 2017 Webinar
An introductory session, which covers the series overview; general legal/policy; implementation and MISMO considerations for HMDA reporting.

Court Blocks DOL Overtime Rule
From November 28, 2016 Webinar
On November 22, 2016, a federal judge in Las Vegas, Nevada blocked implementation of the rule that would have taken effect December 1 increasing the salary level that an employee can earn and still be eligible for an exemption from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The Government is expected to appeal the decision. Considering that the original rule and this decision may affect MBA members, MBA  provided a brief conference call with outside counsel concerning the opinion and its possible implications from both a legal and employee relations standpoint.

MBA's Update on PHH Corporation v CFPB
From October 21, 2016 Webinar
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals issued its long-awaited decision in PHH Corp. v. CFPB. The court held that the CFPB incorrectly interpreted the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), violated due process by its retroactive interpretation, and that a three year statute of limitations applies to enforcement actions brought by the CFPB under RESPA. The court also held that the current structure of the CFPB is unconstitutional. The decision has far-reaching policy, compliance, and political implications that require further review. Industry legal experts provided attendees with comprehensive analysis of the opinion and discussed the likely next steps in the case, as well as additional legal proceedings.

Recent Updates to the CFPB Servicing Rules
From October 7, 2016 Webinar
On August 4, 2016, the CFPB finalized amendments to its Mortgage Servicing Rules and at the same time issued a separate interpretative rule on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. During this webinar, you will learn of key changes under the 2016 Mortgage Servicing Rules and resulting implementing challenges.  

Update on DOL Overtime Rule and LO Comp
From August 25, 2016 Webinar
This webinar covers the new Department of Labor's (DOL) overtime regulations and the ongoing enforcement of the Loan Originator Compensation rule. The first half of this webinar is dedicated to helping lenders understand the new DOL requirements and how the new standards will impact your current staffing. The second half of the conversation is focused on providing an update on the latest with LO Comp enforcement and what actions have been taken in recent months.

HMDA Reporting and its Fair Lending Implications 
From August 16, 2016 Webinar 
The fair lending landscape continues to evolve. Our panel of leading legal and compliance professionals helped participants understand new challenges and then what steps you should be taking now to maximize compliance. Attendees learned how the new HMDA data points may be used to make Fair Lending inferences and the legal context in which these inferences will be made. Panelists also helped attendees understand the importance of data accuracy leading up the HMDA implementation and how lenders can accurately perform a self-analysis of their data.

TRID: Understanding the New Proposed Rule
From August 11, 2016 Webinar
Ken Markison, Vice President and Regulatory Counsel at MBA and our panelists provide an overview of the proposed changes to Know Before You Owe (TRID) and how they respond to the issues raised by industry since October 3. Finally, the panel discusses topics where there is still remaining uncertainty and how stakeholders can help impact the content of the final rule.

Know Before You Owe (TRID) Liability
From June 14,  2016 Webinar
With the KBYO/TRID rule in full effect, lenders and investors must navigate the liability that can stem from the use of the new forms. Panelists discuss how the merged forms implicate RESPA and TILA liability respectively for lenders and assignees and how such liability is best mitigated. This webinar is moderated by Ken Markison, MBA's Vice President and Regulatory Counsel and is free for people who have purchased the Compliance Essentials TRID Resource Guide.

HMDA Workshop (Austin, TX) Live Stream 
From June 10,  2016 Live Stream
MBA and industry experts discussed all aspects of the Rule as well as the implementation, compliance and possible fair lending challenges it will present for mortgage lenders.  Learn how industry experts including your peers are planning to manage the challenges presented by the Rule including making needed systems and operations changes. Leave this workshop understanding what your management, staff, and vendors need to be doing now, and what resources you need to be committing to this effort moving forward. Both Residential and Multifamily lenders are encouraged to attend this workshop as MBA sets the stage for the coming implementation.

Staying Current on UDAAP Enforcement 
From June 7, 2016 Webinar
Hear why UDAAP continues to be a cause for concern for lenders and compliance professionals throughout the industry. Panelists speak to the latest in enforcement actions that have taken place in recent months and what steps you can take to avoid compliance issues. This webinar was moderated by Ken Marksion, MBA's Vice President and Regulatory Counsel.

TRID Cures, Corrections and Construction
From March 9,  2016 Webinar
Join the Compliance Essentials program and industry leaders for a webinar exploring the recent developments around CFPB's Know Before You Owe Rule. Ken Markison, Vice President and Regulatory Counsel, and our panelists will focus the conversation on topics including the CFPB's recent amendment to TRID and how lenders can effectively work with settlement and escrow agents to ensure that closings do not get disrupted or delayed. Finally, the panel will respond to any news coming out of the CFPB's webinar scheduled for March 1st, which is expected to focus on construction loans among other topics.  Learn more or buy today. 


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