Mortgage Compliance Professional Certificate and Designation Program

Get recognized for your mortgage compliance expertise!

We're pleased to offer the only certification and designation program that is geared exclusively towards compliance professionals in the mortgage finance industry, the Certified Mortgage Compliance Professional (CMCP) Certification and Designation program.

You can now enroll yourself or your team in Level 1 to enhance your knowledge, strengthen your Compliance Management System (CMS), and demonstrate your company's commitment to compliance to state and federal regulators.

Level One Framework

Level I consists of 18 courses, including 30 hours of self-paced training and are segmented into four categories where the concepts build upon each other as students become more comfortable with the material. 

Level One Candidate Profile

Compliance professionals with 0-2 years of experience, including:

  • Junior compliance analyst
  • Compliance specialist
  • Junior QC/QC analyst
  • Regulatory or licensing specialist

The framework and content was developed by MBA Education, a trusted source in the mortgage industry and led by leading mortgage compliance professionals from depositories and non-depositories alike. View a list of these compliance experts here.

The Fundamentals

Fundmentals logo

Learn the basics of regulatory compliance, the history behind where we are now as an industry, who the key players are and how the various regulations fit in the residential loan lifecycle.

    Courses include:
  • RC_RC_GO_100.1 Introduction to Regulatory Compliance
  • RC_RC_GO_100.2 Reg Comp in the Residential Lending Cycle

Compliance Categories

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Get introduced to the regulations at a high-level and gain an understanding of how the regulations are applied. 

    Courses include:
  • RC_RC_GO_200.1 Consumer Financial Protection Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_201.1 Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity Laws 
  • RC_RC_GO_203.1 Privacy and Credit-Reporting Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_204.1 Anti-Money Laundering Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_205.1 Communication Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_206.1 Residential Loan Servicing Laws

Key Rules and Regulations

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Take a deeper dive into six of the major rules and regulations that you'll need to know in order to succeed in your daily work.

    Courses include:
  • RC_RC_GO_300.1 TRID Compliance Basics
  • RC_RC_GO_301.1 ECOA Compliance Basics
  • RC_RC_GO_302.1 RESPA Compliance Basics
  • RC_RC_GO_303.1 TILA Compliance Basics
  • RC_RC_GO_304.1 HMDA Compliance Basics
  • RC_RC_GO_306.1 UDAP, UDAAP & the MAP Rule Compliance Basics

Task-Based Courses

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Apply what you have learned to common tasks that a compliance professional might be asked to complete in a typical day.

    Courses include:
  • RC_RC_GO_400.1 Loan File Review for Compliance Professionals
  • RC_RC_GO_403.1 Reviewing Business Processes for Compliance Professionals
  • RC_RC_GO_401.1 Reviewing Marketing for Compliance Professionals
  • RC_RC_GO_402.1 Working the Help Desk for Compliance Professionals 


Wish I had this material 30 years ago when starting my career... Two thumbs up and all five stars!

– David Shirk, Partner LotsteinLegal PLLC

Levels Two and Three

Levels II & II Under Construction
We are hard at work building out Levels II & III of the Certified Mortgage Compliance Professional (CMCP) Certification and Designation program. For more information, reach out to us at

Contact Us

For more information email Amber Lawrence, Associate Director, MBA Education or call (202) 557-2766.

Please Note: Courses for levels II and III are still in development.