Mortgage Compliance Professional Certificate and Designation Program

Get recognized for your mortgage compliance expertise!

We're pleased to offer the only certification and designation program that is geared exclusively towards compliance professionals in the mortgage finance industry, the Certified Mortgage Compliance Professional (CMCP) Certification and Designation program.

You can now enroll yourself or your team in the CMCP certification and designation program to enhance your knowledge, strengthen your Compliance Management System (CMS), and demonstrate your company's commitment to compliance to state and federal regulators.

Level I Framework

Level I consists of 14 courses, including roughly 30 hours of self-paced training and are segmented into four categories where the concepts build upon each other as students become more comfortable with the material. 

Level I Candidate Profile

Compliance professionals with 0-2 years of experience, including:

  • Junior compliance analyst
  • Compliance specialist
  • Junior QC/QC analyst
  • Regulatory or licensing specialist

Level II Framework

By earning the CMCP Professional Certificate you will have the advanced knowledge of laws and regulations as well as the ability to apply them to the real-world business of mortgage lending. The curriculum includes 12 courses that focus on compliance in action, emphasizing practical application and featuring relevant business scenarios.

Completion of Level I is required to move on to Level II.

Level Three Framework

Obtaining your CMCP Specialist Designation shows that you have not only mastered the regulatory compliance content in Levels I and II, but also expertise in the business of mortgage lending, and demonstrates the ability to use your expertise to address the risk management and compliance concerns mortgage lenders face. The CMCP Specialist Designation shows your commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and dedication to supporting compliant lending practices in the mortgage industry.

Completion of Level II is required to move on to Level III.


Wish I had this material 30 years ago when starting my career... Two thumbs up and all five stars!

– David Shirk, Managing Member, Shirk Law PLLC

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