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Commercial Loan Origination Sales Training IGOL and Workshop - 25% off any guide of your choice
Explore the life cycle of a loan with a focus on origination and sales.
Compliance Essentials - 25% off any guide of your choice
MBA Compliance Essentials provides a clear picture of what your company needs to do to comply with new and existing mortgage rules. Our in-depth resource guides include model policies and procedures, and are meant to support your company's creation of a robust Compliance Management System (CMS).
CRE Basics + CRI Designation - 25% of any CRE Basics enrollment + CRI application fee
Addressing key concepts related to the commercial real estate finance industry, CRE Basics is suited both for professionals new to the industry, as well as seasoned professionals seeking a more solid understanding of the various sectors of commercial real estate finance, either for their own professional interest or to prepare for Chartered Realty Investor Society's CRI Level I exam.

The Chartered Realty Investor (CRI) Designation is the only designation that brings together all aspects of the commercial real estate finance, investment and advisory industries. Earning the CRI designation distinguishes you as a leader in your industry, and signifies your commitment to professional excellence and ethical conduct.
School of Loan Origination (SOLO) I - 25% of SOLO I & II enrollment
SOLO I provides an in-depth working knowledge of how to originate residential mortgage loans. It begins with a historical perspective of how past practices led us to the current environment. It then teaches competencies on how to originate compliant and quality-based mortgage loans by focusing on minimizing risk of repurchases and reducing the number of "touches" on the file.
School of Mortgage Servicing (SOMS) and Advanced Servicing Workshop (ASW) - 25% of either SOMS or ASW
SOMS covers a wide range of topics from loan and default administration to financial and investor administration. The school walks you through considerations for establishing strategy and managing risk, and reviews the important correlations and interconnectivity between business units within the servicing organization.

ASW is a highly-interactive program that includes a discussion of loan administration's role in the big picture of mortgage banking profitability; risk management concerns including current regulatory challenges and quality control; servicing financial management and profitability; and a valuable presentation of current MBA servicing research.