Jodi Gaines, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer Claims Recovery Financial Services (CRFS)

Jodi Gaines is a seasoned professional with 35 years of experience in the mortgage industry, currently holding the position of CEO of CRFS.

Jodi’s journey in the mortgage industry began as claims clerk at Anchor Mortgage, showcasing her commitment and work ethic. Over the years, she steadily ascended the management ranks, accumulating valuable insights and expertise.
In 2002, Jodi’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to help establish Claims Recovery Financial Services “CRFS” at her kitchen table. Under her leadership, CRFS flourished into a thriving enterprise with over 600 employees. In 2019 Jodi transitioned to join Insight One until March of 2024, when she returned to CRFS. Jodi is also the President of Orleans of United Way & Secretary of the Finance Committee for Holy Family Parish.

Photo of Jodi Gaines, Jr.

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