Scott Giberson, Sr.

Principal, Flood Compliance CoreLogic

Scott Giberson serves as Principal of Flood Compliance and Product Strategy and manages the Flood Disaster Protection Act program for CoreLogic Flood Services. Scott currently serves on the Board of the National Flood Association, leads the Association’s legislative committee, and previously served as its Vice President. Scott is serving as a Council Member on the Technical Mapping Advisory Council which reports to FEMA and was established by Congress with Biggert Waters legislation that passed in 2012. With over 25 years of experience, Scott specializes in regulatory issues surrounding flood determinations, the mandatory purchase of flood insurance requirement, as well as policy related to the National Flood Insurance Program and developing climate risk requirements. He consults with industry members and members of related industries on legislative and regulatory developments at a federal and state level related to flood insurance and climate risk.

In his role, Scott frequently presents at various conferences, seminars and workshops on topics related to flood insurance requirements and flood mapping issues. He also speaks on matters related to claims or actions arising out of the flood determination guarantees and has contributed to the research around this body of law. Scott graduated from The University of Texas at Austin.

Photo of Scott Giberson, Sr.

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