William Collins

Director, HUD National Servicing Center U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

William Collins is the Director for HUD’s National Servicing Center (NSC) located in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK. William previously served as the Deputy Director and as the Program Director for the NSC’s Servicing & Loss Mitigation Branch. He has been with the Department for over 18 years and is responsible for developing and implementing policies for mortgage servicing, claims, and property disposition. The NSC helps FHA assist homeowners with FHA insured loans in avoiding foreclosure whenever possible while mitigating losses to the FHA insurance fund. The NSC is also responsible for overseeing and servicing of the Single-Family Secretary-held loan portfolio (Primarily HUD Loss Mitigation Partial Claims) along with HUD’s Assigned HECM Reverse mortgage portfolio.

Photo of William Collins

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