MORPAC Action Week


MORPAC hosted its 4th annual Action Week, June 14 -21.

Here are some highlights from the 2021 campaign:

  • 10 professional organizations ran MORPAC company campaigns
  • 461 individual donors contributed or pledged to contribute to MORPAC
  • Over $230,000 raised in individual donations

Save the Date: MORPAC Action Week June 21-27

Run a company campaign today! There are two types of company campaigns you can consider that benefit MORPAC:

  1. Executive campaign-you ask your executive team/management to contribute to MORPAC.
  2. Grassroots campaign-you ask all eligible employees at your company to contribute to MORPAC.

MBA Staff makes it easy to execute and can set up individual calls to discuss goals and tactics to make it a success. 

If you, or someone on your team, is willing to run a MORPAC campaign on behalf of your organization, please email or call 202-557-2777, and we can schedule an individual call to discuss details.