MAA Media Library

We have a number of tools that support you in getting the word out about the Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA). If you would like additional support or resources, contact us at

Social Media Graphics

Let your friends, colleagues and followers know that you support MAA by posting on your social media outlets.

The images below are already sized for each social outlet. Using them is easy. Click the link to open the image for each social outlet. A new window will open and you can right-click the image to copy it.

Standard MAA Graphics

Other Tools

Animated Advocacy Video

You can share this animated video with your colleagues, which outlines MBA's advocacy programs and the importance of getting involved. We have also developed shorter versions of the video for use on social media:


Use the word template below to create a flyer announcing your company campaign or highlighting the advocacy events of the week.

Click the image to download.

MAA Flyer

PowerPoint Presentation

We have developed a PowerPoint presentation that you can use to introduce MAA to your coworkers. The presentation is available upon request. Email us at

Tell Your Story Through Video

We love that MAA members are making their own videos. If you are considering making one yourself we have created a closing slide that you are free to use.

What makes an effective video:

  • Share your story: Tell us how being a MAA member has benefited you, your company or our industry. You could also share a story about a successful company campaign you have run.
  • Keep it short and sweet: You have 30 seconds to two minutes to keep the viewers' attention.
  • Think about how it will be viewed: Many people view videos with the sound off. Consider using subtitles.

Once you make your video, let us know! We love seeing what our MAA members come up with.