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Founded by industry veterans, RiskSpan offers end-to-end solutions for data management, risk management analytics, and visualization on a highly secure, fast, and fully scalable platform that has earned the trust of the industry’s largest firms. Combining the strength of subject matter experts, quantitative analysts, and technologists, the RiskSpan platform integrates a range of data-sets–including both structured and unstructured–and off-the-shelf analytical tools to provide you with powerful insights and a competitive advantage. We empower our clients to make accurate, data-driven decisions based on facts and analysis. We make data beautiful. UNLOCK THE VALUE OF DATA WITH RISKSPAN You are an integral player in your industry with work to be done at the intersection of data management, analytics, governance, and technology. With RiskSpan, you will unlock the value of data and create a smarter, more productive, and more competitive business. RiskSpan has the expertise to address your needs regardless of industry segment. In addition to serving commercial banks, and the capital markets, our longtime customers include: Hedge Funds and Investors Diversified Financial Companies Fund Administrators & Prime Brokers Mortgage banks Broker/Dealers Trustees Asset Managers Federal Government GSEs Credit Rating Agencies WE’VE BEEN THERE We are a team of leaders with decades of experience at the intersection of data management, analytics, governance, technology, and the financial industry. We recruit and hire experts from your industry who have a clear view of the problems you are solving and know how to move you forward with innovative, practical solutions. We leveraged our industry leadership and deep expertise to build our data management platform and analytics software, which are used by the industry’s leading firms.

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