Quality Mortgage Services, LLC Select Member

QMS is a well established and recognized outsource mortgage banking firm provider of Quality Control audits and software to the mortgage, banking, credit union and financial industries across the nation. QMS provides Post-Closing and Pre-Funding audit reviews to clients nationwide. QMS is the owner of MARS, Intuitive, Comprehensive QC Software.

216 Centerview Drive, Ste 280
Brentwood, TN 37027

Phone: (615) 591-2528

Fax: (615) 591-2687

Website: www.qcmortgage.com/

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Organized since: 1992

Market Focus: Residential

Business Territory: Both US and Abroad

Employees: 25

Additional Company Websites:
Website (www.marsaudits.com)

Key Contacts:
Claudia Duncan
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