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AMLG is known widely in both the legal and mortgage banking industries as being very experienced in representing financial institutions in connection with mortgage related legal services. While we are a California-based practice, we have attorneys who are licensed in a number of different jurisdictions and continue to serve our many mortgage banking clients throughout the country. At AMLG, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best representation possible. Our attorneys are committed to creating a value add service for our clients, whether through our mitigation or litigation related services or through our regulatory compliance advice and counsel. When we first started, the firm initially focused on mortgage insurance issues, repurchase demands, and related mortgage fraud issues. Since then, AMLG’s success has allowed it to expand to become a full-service law firm within the mortgage banking industry. >br<>br> AMLG has managed thousands of cases where loans have been subject to repurchase and indemnification demands. We understand the nuances of mortgage repurchases and have developed highly successful strategies for efficiently and effectively disputing, rebutting, and settling such demands placed on our clients. Unlike other law firms, AMLG focuses on recovery solutions first and litigation second. We are experienced in mediations and settlement negotiations and always work diligently to represent the best interests of our clients. When litigation is unavoidable, we vigorously pursue trial preparations and related pleadings, including the robust pursuit and/or contesting of damages. We value timely mitigation, recovery, and restitution, and have established a reputation for being highly efficient and successful. >br<>br> At AMLG, we understand that the risk environment in the mortgage banking industry is always shifting. We are committed to identifying new risks as they appear in the market and to creating innovative and resourceful solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and on providing creative, cost effective solutions to difficult problems in a way that best minimizes client risk. Our attorneys and skilled professionals are experienced with mortgage banking related laws and regulations as well as their resulting implementation and compliance concerns. We regularly advise clients on all areas of regulatory compliance within the mortgage banking industry and are constantly monitoring for new developments and enforcement actions to best serve and advise our clients.

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