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aboutMYmortgage.com is an advanced customer retention program. If you are a mortgage servicer, or own mortgage servicing rights, aboutMYmortgage has something valuable to offer you. aboutMYmortgage.com’s patented process links mortgage customers who are contemplating refinancing their mortgage with another lender back to their existing mortgage servicer, thus providing the servicer the opportunity to offer their customer valuable information about the customer's existing mortgage, a home equity loan, refinancing options, purchase loan, bi-weekly mortgage payments, mortgage modification and/or other products that the servicer offers. No Collection of PII - No Query of Lender Database Required - Exclusive Leads for a Reasonable Price - Customized Marketing Campaigns Available.

2235 Venetian Ct Ste 5
Naples, FL 34109-8728

Phone: (239) 571-5440

Fax: (239) 236-1390

Website: www.aboutmymortgage.com/

Social: Linked In YouTube

Organized since: 2014

Market Focus: Residential

Business Type: Customer Relations Services/Call Centers, Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations, Technology - Mortgage Servicing Software, Technology - Other

Business Territory: In the United States Only

Employees: 7

Additional Company Websites:
Watch (www.youtube.com)

Key Contacts:
Tim Allen
Founder & CEO