MBA Membership Renewal Tips

Thank you for your interest in renewing your membership with MBA. Each year, online renewals open August 1 with payment due by September 30.

Membership Renewal Basics

  • Companies are members of MBA, not individual persons.
  • Companies can include a roster of employees, all of whom receive member benefits.
  • Each company must assign a Primary Contact (and preferably a few Secondary Contacts) as "company administrators" who can take care of the annual renewal, update their roster of employees, etc.
  • Have your email address and password handy to log in.

If you are ready to renew, click the button below. If you need help or more information about the renewal process and how to prepare, please continue reading below. 

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Membership Types and Renewal

There are two types of dues, Volume-Based and Flat:

  • Volume-based members pay dues based upon their origination, servicing, or asset/portfolio value from July 1-June 30.

  • Flat dues payers pay one fee depending upon their member type - State Association, Associate (i.e. vendors/suppliers), Nonprofit, etc.

We invite our Flat dues payers to get started on completing the 2024 renewal process. We have provided additional information to support our Volume-based members below. 

Tips for Volume-Based Dues Payers

Information You Will Need: Mortgage and/or investment volumes between July 1 of last year to June 30 of this year (see the example below). The system will calculate the total for you.  

Please Note: Our credit card limit for dues payments is $25,000. We also accept payment via ACH, wire, and checks.

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Dues Calculation Example

Dues Renewal Calculator Screen Shot

Dues Calulation Key

1 = $1,000,000 

100 = $100,000,000  

1000 = $1B

10000 = $10B

Volume Types

Origination Volume

  • Residential Originations: Origination volume includes mortgage originations from all channels - retail, consumer direct, wholesale, and correspondent. Include first mortgage loans, loans on mobile homes, construction loans, HELOCs, seconds, portfolio loans, and reverse mortgages, whether sold or retained in portfolio. 

  • Commercial/Multifamily Origination: Origination volume includes all mortgage originations with loans on manufactured housing communities. Do not include construction loans or loans originated for your firm's portfolio. Include all loans originated for main and branch offices.

Servicing Volume

  • Residential Servicing: Servicing volume includes all servicing activity, including (a) servicing of loans for others (i.e. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, or private investors), whether serviced in-house or subserviced for your company by others, (b) servicing for your own portfolio, and (c) loans subserviced by your company for others.

  • Commercial / Multifamily Servicing: Servicing volume includes (a) servicing of all permanent loans for others including manufactured housing communities, (b) the whole loan volume of participations sold to others, and (c) servicing handled by subservicers or others where income accrues to your firm.

Subservicing  Volume

  • Only complete this section if you are a subservicer and are servicing loans for others *Subservicing will be charged a 50% discount. The discount will automatically be deducted, so please enter your full volume first.  

Other Volumes

  • Residential Mortgage Investment/Securitization: Includes all residential mortgage assets held by non-originating investors, plus annual volume of residential mortgages issued as mortgage-backed securities.

  • Commercial/Multifamily Portfolio: includes all commercial and multifamily first mortgage originations that are originated, purchased, and held in your portfolio.

  • Commercial/Multifamily Investment/Securitization: Includes all purchased mortgage loans or other types of real estate that are securitized and/or traded as mortgage-backed securities.

  • Mortgage Insurance/Title Insurance: Gross revenue from mortgage and/or title insurance underwriting.

Contact the M-Team

Make the most of your membership! For more information about your MBA membership benefits, as well as how to join or renew, contact the MBA Help Desk or call (800) 793-6222 (select option 1).