MBA Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award Form

Thank you for your interest in MBA's Commercial/Multifamily Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Awards. This form must be completed and submitted by Friday, July 31, 2020.

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Company Award Point of Contact Information

Senior-Level Executive Information:

Please provide the name, title, and email address of the senior-level executive(s) who will accept the award for your company at the MBA CREF/Multifamily Housing Convention, January 31–February 3 in San Diego, CA. If you cannot provide a name at the time of application, please note that the MBA requires a senior-level executive and/or a representative of the winning program, initiative, or strategy to accept the award in-person during the CREF Convention.

Detailed Description:
Please upload a detailed description in no more than four pages of the program, initiative, strategy or individual/team efforts to include. Your response should explicitly address the following:

a. Describe your initiative/program, specifically provide details on the need being addressed, the strategic goal, and initial baseline.

b. Explain what results you have achieved; make sure to include specific measurable data.

c. Has your program/initiative changed due to COVID-19? If applicable, what are you doing differently?

d. Internal or external recognition that the program initiative, or strategy has received?

Application Moratorium:
Winners of a 2020 Commercial/Multifamily Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Award may not apply again for the subsequent two years, regardless of category. 2020 winners will be eligible to apply again during the 2023 Commercial/Multifamily Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Awards season. Additionally, companies with members currently on the MBA leadership ladder (Chair, Vice Chair, and Chair-Elect) are not eligible.