D&I Awards Application Tips

Whether your company is submitting an application for a Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award for the first time or not, it is worth taking note of the following tips to make sure your application is as competitive as possible. This will give our judges the best opportunity to evaluate your submission according to our guidelines.

Read and respond to each part of each question - Some of the fields ask for multiple pieces of information. Please be sure to answer all relevant parts of each question, breaking it up with punctuation as appropriate.

Be specific -When telling us about your diversity and inclusion program, strategy, or initiative, we want to know about both the effort your company is putting forth as well as the results. Use specifics wherever possible, both qualitative and quantitative, to bolster your company's efforts and results.

Be thorough, but concise - The bulk of the application will be via the document you upload. It can be no more than four pages. It can contain all text, or a combination of text and graphics (such as charts or photos). We want to be sure we're capturing the true nature of your company's particular program, strategy, or initiative, however you want to display it. But please adhere to the four-page maximum-if you see that your application is too long, please edit it.

Highlight aspects of your program or initiative that make it special - Make sure you explain any unique aspects to your company's diversity and inclusion efforts.

Anyone at your company can submit the application - Don't worry about whose name is on the actual application-that should be the main point of contact for if MBA has questions about your application, and for informing you of the results. Most commonly, the main contact is the HR department, a C-suite executive, or the leader of the diversity program itself submit the application, but the submitter's title or role in the company has no effect on the application.

Please only submit one application (per category) - If your company has multiple diversity and inclusion programs, strategies, or initiatives, please submit them collectively instead of individually. It is perfectly fine for an application to highlight multiple programs that both contribute to your company's overall dedication to either reaching diverse markets or fostering an inclusive workforce. If, however, your company has both an Organizational Diversity initiative and a Market Outreach program, submit those separately, as those are different categories.

Feel free to ask questions - If you're unsure about a particular point in the application process, send an email to DiversityInclusion@mba.org, and try to be specific about your question.