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"Diversity and Inclusion give way to two other words, 'deliberate and intentional.' Diversity isn't accidental and being inclusive should be purposeful. It's something you focus on. Now, first of all, it's the right thing to do - there's no question about that. But beyond the right thing to do, it's good for business. And it's good for homeownership." - Christopher M. George, 2018 MBA Chairman-Elect and Diversity Committee Chairman Founder, President and CEO, CMG Financial

Welcome to our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Resource Center. This is your source for all things related to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the real estate finance industry. Explore the resources below to learn how to initiate, enhance or promote your organization's D&I related efforts. 

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How Do I DEI?: Practical Answers for Your Company

DIY D&I Practical Answers

Check out our top ten recurring D&I program themes. These are themes that emerge time and again in successful companies' D&I programs, and are seriously worth considering. Most of these tactics require little in the way of money, but can improve the diversity of your workforce and borrowers.

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MBA fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion within the real estate finance industry. Together with our members, we exchange information on best practices, tackle issues and potential barriers, and create networking opportunities that advance overall diversity and inclusion within the industry.  

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DEI with Marcia Davies (MBA) and Tony Thompson (NAMMBA)

DEI with Bank of America's D. Steve Boland