Hurricane Relief: Industry Resources

This page is a one-stop shop for all mortgage investor, insurer and guarator guidance related to disaster responsiveness.

Below is an up-to-date listing of resources targeted at the single-family, commercial and multifamily real estate finance markets.

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IMPORTANT MEMBER NOTICE: In response to MBA's ongoing engagement with HUD on the reinspection of residential properties in areas impacted by Hurricane Irma, HUD issued this notice (on September 19) waiving the requirement that inspections required in disaster areas not be completed until after FEMA issues a close date for the Incident Period. 

Resources for Single-Family Lenders and Servicers

Government Resources:

OCC Interagency Examiner Guidance for Institutions Affected by Major Disasters (12/15/2017)

VA Updated Disaster Loan Modification Guidance (11/27/2017)

Waiver of Property Inspection Timeframes for California Wildfires PDMDAs in counties of Lake, Napa, Mendicino and Sonoma (11/2/2017)

Extension of Initial Disaster Foreclosure Moratorium for Properties in Specified Areas Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria (10/20/2017)

Waiver of Property Inspection Timeframes for Hurricane Maria PDMDAs in Puerto Rico (10/24/2017)

Waiver of Property Inspection Timeframes for California Wildfires PDMDAs in counties of Butte, Nevada, Orange, and Yuba California

Buyout Authority for Loans Impacted by Hurricane Maria for Single-Family Issuers (10/4/17 memo from Ginnie Mae)  

Availability of Disaster Pass-Through Assistance and Delinquency Ratio Exemptions for Qualifying Portfolios (10/4/17 memo from Ginnie Mae)

FEMA Notice Declaring End to Disaster Incident Period for Hurricane Irma in Georgia (9/27/17)

MBA Letter to Members: FHA Reinspections Update  (9/19/17)

MBA Letter to Members: FEMA Closes Disaster Incident Period for Harvey (9/18/17)

CFPB Statement on Supervisory Practices Regarding Financial Institutions and Consumers Affected by Hurricane Harvey

FHA INFO #17-35 Guidance for FHA-approved Mortgagees and Servicers Regarding Presidentially Declared Major Disaster Areas

Ginnie Mae MBS Guide Ch 34 Special Assistance Programs

GSE Resources:

Fannie Mae Hurricane Relief Single-Family Selling/Servicing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fannie Mae Servicing Management Default Underwriter Disaster Modification Submission Job Aid

Fannie Mae Lender Letter 2017 - 09 Extend Modification for Disaster Relief and Other Clarifications for Mortgage Loans Impacted by Disaster Events 

Fannie Mae Lender Letter 2017-07 Reimbursement for Property Inspections and Additional Servicing-Related Reminders

Fannie Mae Lender Letter 2017-06 Additional Clarifications for Mortgage Loans Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Fannie Mae Lender Letter LL-2017-03 Policies for Mortgage Loans Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Freddie Mac Bulletin 2017-14  Temporary Servicing Requirements Related to Borrowers

Freddie Mac Bulletin 2017-16 Selling Requirements Related to Properties Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Fannie Mae Lender Letter 2017-04 Selling Policies for Mortgage Loans Impacted by Hurricane

Additional Resources:

HLP News Release - Helping Homeowners through Distasters

HLP Servicer Operational Bulletin - Disaster Assistance  Home Retention