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  • MBA Newslink Friday 2-22-19

    "January's weak sales pace was likely the result of the lingering effects of stock market volatility and lower consumer confidence toward the end of 2018. Much of the January decrease was in the lower price tiers, which also tends to be where inventory is the tightest."--MBA Associate Vice President

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 2-20-19

    "After four consecutive declines, purchase applications increased almost 2 percent over the week and 2.5 percent compared to a year ago--showing some promise as we edge closer to the spring homebuying season."--MBA Associate Vice President of Industry Surveys and Forecasts Joel Kan.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 2-19-19

    "With the unemployment rate near 50-year lows, wage growth trending higher and household debt levels relative to disposable incomes at 35-year lows, homeowners are in great shape, and mortgage performance is quite strong." --Marina Walsh, MBA Vice President of Industry Analysis.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 2-15-19

    "For four years, it felt like home buyers couldn't catch a break as for-sale inventory became tighter and tighter with each passing month. But during the second half of 2018, something shifted. Home buyers aren't out of the woods yet, but there is a glimmer of light on the horizon. The number of hom

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 2-14-19

    "Despite the jitters potential homebuyers felt in December from the volatility in the financial markets, the healthy job market and wage growth, moderating price gains and lower mortgage rates all helped home sales recover. Additionally, builders seem to be seeing improvement in their labor shortage

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 2-13-19

    "For the past three years one of the most popular questions here at the CREF Convention has been, 'What inning are we in?' In reality, many expected this game to have ended by now and the market to start a down-leg. Instead, we're in a new phase, something we have never seen before--a plateau."--MBA

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 2-12-19

    "The upcoming roll of commercial and multifamily mortgage maturities is relatively stable, after seven years of instability. Many commercial and multifamily mortgages have 10-year terms, and a decade ago, the Great Recession meant fewer new loans were being made. As a result, 2018 and 2019 loan matu

  • MBA Newslink Monday 2-11-19

    "Investor and lender interest in multifamily and industrial properties continues to drive transaction volumes while questions about retail and office property markets have slowed activity for those property types. The market as a whole ended the year roughly flat compared to 2017, continuing a plate

  • MBA Newslink Friday 2-8-19

    With mortgage rates now back down, early data from the first month of 2019 suggest that it is still premature to call it a buyer's market. But more than any time in recent memory, it is important for sellers to be thoughtful in their listing strategy. Buyers are out there, but they're no longer figh

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 2-7-29

    "The validity of the data used in alternative evaluations is highly predicated on the quality of the information found in prior appraisals. Should banking institutions over-utilize exemptions, resulting in significantly fewer physical appraisals, the integrity of the data and the quality of loan por

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 2-6-19

    "Despite more favorable borrowing costs, and after a three-week surge in activity, purchase applications have slowed over the past two weeks, and are now almost 2 percent lower than a year ago."--Joel Kan, MBA Associate Vice President of Industry Surveys and Forecasting.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 2-5-19

    "I know there is talk about reducing the GSEs' footprint, but reducing the QM patch is not the way to do it. I'm not convinced that there is enough private capital out there to supplement what we do in the marketplace." --Dave Lowman, Executive Vice President of Single-Family Business with Freddie M

  • MBA Newslink Monday 2-4-19

    "The job market remains exceptionally strong. Although the partial government shutdown may have temporarily increased the unemployment rate, this pace of job creation will continue to support higher wages, which will in turn support strong housing demand."--MBA Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 2-1-19

    "Effective FHLB housing goals would...promote increased investment by member institutions in affordable housing, while not introducing any features that could jeopardize FHLB safety and soundness."--MBA Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Industry Relations Stephen O'Connor, in a letter to th

  • SPECIAL EDITION MBA Newslink Friday 2-1-19

    "MBA welcomes the release of Chairman [Mike] Crapo's principles for housing finance reform as a significant sign of his continued commitment to work toward finally ending the conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and ensuring a stable and liquid market--with an explicit, paid-for government

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 1-31-19

    "The biggest threat to the forecast is the possibility of a recession, which an increasing possibility by 2020. However, employment remains strong and the housing market is showing increasing signs of affordability, which is a good sign. Unemployment is at near-50-year lows and wage growth is pickin

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 1-30-19

    "The fact is that without independent and non-depository companies stepping up in the years after the Great Recession--as some big banks and other lenders pulled back--credit would have been tight and home sales and prices would have recovered at a snail's pace. Additionally, think of the many first

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 1-29-19

    "Nearly two-thirds of Baby Boomer respondents said home values are going up in their area. With home prices generally healthy across the country, two-thirds of these homeowners are turning to financing options like home equity lines of credit or cash-out refinances to complete their upgrades. On ave

  • MBA Newslink Monday 1-28-19

    "To date, we have not seen a comprehensive statement from the White House and Treasury Department under the Trump Administration providing their views on regulation of the housing finance system. Additionally, your comments call into question the independence of the FHFA under your leadership."--Hou

  • MBA Newslink Friday 1-25-19

    "With total gifts from the MBA Board topping $1.13 million in 2018, more than 800 families across the country will be helped by our 38-member board. I could not be more proud of their commitment to this very important cause."--MBA President and CEO Robert D. Broeksmit, CMB, and member of the MBA Ope

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 1-24-19

    "Our ongoing efforts on LIBOR transition involve active engagement with interested members, including commercial real estate finance firms and other market participants. Although the expected LIBOR transition is still a few years away, it's important that market participants begin considering the it

  • MBA Newslink Friday 1-18-19

    "December may feel like a foot on the brake, but the housing market was going over the speed limit. Home prices have been growing faster than wages since 2012, and that can't go on forever. Now that price growth has slowed down and more homes are sitting on the market, buyers will have the upper han

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 1-17-19

    "Factors such a volatile stock market and economic uncertainty both here and abroad likely kept some prospective buyers away. This pullback in activity was in spite of falling mortgage rates and a job market still running on all cylinders. Looking ahead, if mortgage rates remain low, home-price grow

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 1-16-19

    "The spring homebuying season is almost upon us, and if rates stay lower, inventory continues to grow and the job market maintains its strength, we do expect to see a solid spring market. The 11 percent gain in purchase volume compared to last year is a promising sign."--Mike Fratantoni, MBA Senior

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 1-15-19

    "It's hard to buy what's not for sale."--First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming, on how lengthening homeownership tenure has driven up prices and shrunk housing supply.

Displaying 1 to 25 of 1505 records.
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