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  • MBA Newslink Thursday 7-20-17

    "We believe this plan will lead to a more stable system that protects taxpayers while also promoting broad credit availability in a primary market featuring lenders of all sizes and business models. Our plan features a number of provisions specifically designed to protect small and mid-sized lender

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 7-19-17

    "There is so much talk about millennials but it's important to know that diversity is really the major calling card of the millennial generation. Over 40% of millennials are from diverse backgrounds. When you look at the Latino market, more than 60% are under the age of 33! If a company wants to onl

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 7-18-17

    "By clarifying that private coverage satisfies the continuous coverage requirement, S. 563 and H.R. 1422 will help to make these policies a more viable option for consumers."--From an MBA/trade group letter urging Congress to pass legislation to modify the National Flood Insurance Program.

  • MBA Newslink Monday 7-17-17

    "We are at the part of the season where housing market activity normally begins to slacken and this was true for mortgage applications for new homes in June. That said, activity was up by 10 percent relative to one year ago."--MBA Vice President of Research and Economics Lynn Fisher.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 7-14-17

    "Mortgage credit availability increased slightly by 0.1 percent in June lifted by expansion among jumbo loan programs and additional availability of affordable conforming loan programs."--MBA Vice President of Research and Economics Lynn Fisher.

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 7-13-17

    "Many independent mortgage companies are now holding loans and holding the servicing rights on those loans, which means they have servicing operations as well. With an increase in interest rates, valuation of servicing rights increase, which improves profitability." --MBA Vice President of Industry

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 7-12-17

    "Rates continued to increase last week, given increasing evidence that the Fed and other central banks are more likely to raise rates given the pickup in economic growth in their respective economies."--MBA Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 7-11-17

    "MBA strongly supports efforts to improve liquidity in secondary markets for affordable housing preservation, manufactured housing and rural housing, and believes that such improvements hold the potential to benefit very low-, low- and moderate-income borrowers." --MBA President and CEO David Steven

  • MBA Newslink Monday 7-10-17

    "MBA appreciates the CFPB's efforts in amending the Know Before You Owe rule to address several significant questions that have been raised for some time by our industry. This is an extensive rule and we intend to review it closely with our members."--MBA President David Stevens, CMB, in a statement

  • MBA Newslink Friday 7-7-17

    "We believe that this Administration has an opportunity to align fair lending policy with Supreme Court precedent and address constitutional concerns regarding the consideration of race in decision-making."--From an MBA/trade group letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions requesting a meeting to dis

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 7-6-17

    "Purchase applications reached their highest level in two weeks based on ongoing strength in employment and other factors that contribute to a healthy housing market, such as consumer confidence and sentiment." --MBA Associate Vice President of Economic Forecasting Joel Kan.

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 7-5-17

    "For current homeowners, the strong run-up in prices has boosted home equity and, in some cases, spending. For renters and potential first-time homebuyers, it is not such a pretty picture. With price appreciation and rental inflation outstripping income growth, affordability is destined to become a

  • MBA Newslink Monday 7-3-17

    "That combination of accelerating home price growth and slowing wage growth, along with mortgage interest rates that are up nearly 50 basis points from a year ago, eroded home affordability nationwide to the lowest level in nearly nine years and pushed the highest share of markets beyond the thresho

  • MBA Newslink Friday 6-30-17

    "The American people rely on a housing finance system that enables them to rent a quality, affordable apartment, buy their first home or build a nest egg to pass on to their children. We owe it to them to proceed with the hard work of reform without delay."--MBA President and CEO David Stevens, CMB,

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 6-29-17

    "Millennials are already starting to set trends in the real estate industry. They are three times more likely than Baby Boomers to make an offer sight-unseen, and they're more likely than older buyers and sellers to negotiate commission savings."--Nela Richardson, Chief Economist with Redfin, Seattl

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 6-28-17

    "We're seeing indications that entry level buyers continue to come into the market as jumbo borrowers looking at bigger homes step back." --MBA Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 6-27-17

    "Inventory has been falling for years with supply no longer meeting demand, and there are multiple reasons for the worsening situation. On the demand side, simple demographic change is contributing to incredibly high demand as millennials reach their prime home-buying years and begin to enter the ma

  • MBA Newslink Monday 6-26-17

    "The slow motion recovery in new home sales has made the sector more susceptible to quirks in the seasonal adjustment process, which has been particularly apparent in recent months. New home sales have been knocked around quite a bit this year by unseasonably mild winter weather, which boosted sales

  • MBA Newslink Friday 6-23-17

    "There are a lot of good Republicans and good Democrats out there who are working together to find the right solutions on issues. We're moving forward on a lot of little things that matter to people." --Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Ohio, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 6-22-17

    "Commercial and multifamily market activity has downshifted at the start of 2017. Markets continue to move forward, but the rapid increases in property values, transaction volumes and other fundamentals that characterized the post-recession period have given way to more regular changes tied to the e

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 6-21-17

    "Make sure all employees are getting great work that allows them to show their abilities. Make sure that a talent management program is in place that ensures that employees are being evaluated for leadership and promotion opportunities based on both their accomplishments and potential. Studies have

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 6-20-17

    "Housing is not a partisan issue. Regardless of who I talk to on Capitol Hill or within the Administration, there is a belief that housing reforms can be passed this year."--MBA President and CEO David Stevens, CMB.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 6-16-17

    "The West is the most supply constrained region, and this shortage of lots and workers is likely the driver behind the monthly drop, as opposed to a weakening in demand."--Mark Vitner, senior economist with Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte, N.C.

  • MBA Newslink Monday 6-19-17

    "The market for existing homes continues to tighten as Millennial household formation grows. Yet, existing homeowners are prisoners in their own homes as rates rise and make moving more costly and the fear of not being able to find something hinders the decision to sell. More new, and affordable, ho

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 6-15-17

    "While March has signaled the peak in applications for new homes for the last two years, we may see more sustained activity throughout the balance of this year as demand for new homes continues to increase and strong house price growth continues to motivate home building."--MBA Vice President of Res

Displaying 1 to 25 of 1113 records.
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