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  • MBA Newslink Friday 3-16-18

    "Home-price growth has been the primary driver of home-equity wealth creation. Because wealth gains spur additional consumer purchases, the rise in home-equity wealth during 2017 should add more than $50 billion to U.S. consumption spending over the next two to three years." --CoreLogic Chief Econom

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 3-15-18

    "This bill will further ensure consumer protections and adequate access to mortgage credit...MBA now calls on the House to swiftly take up this bill for consideration."--MBA President and CEO David Stevens, CMB, following Senate passage of sweeping regulatory relief legislation.

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 3-14-18

    "We especially appreciate the changes to the bill that would amend the definition of ‘financial institution' to ensure that non-depository lenders will be subject to the same standards and protections as depositories under this legislation." --MBA Senior Vice President of Legislative and Polit

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 3-13-18

    "MBA supports S. 2155 and would urge all Senators to vote to preserve the bill's key elements throughout the amendment process, and, in turn, to vote in favor of the bill's final passage at the conclusion of the debate. We applaud and appreciate the collective, bipartisan coalition efforts that led

  • MBA Newslink Monday 3-12-18

    "Smaller footprints have more opportunities in urban locations and in mixed-use projects. Grocers like Aldi and Trader Joe's benefit from the flexibility to take smaller spaces in vertically integrated projects. HyVee recently announced that while traditional-sized stores will still be rolled out, s

  • MBA Newslink Friday 3-9-18

    "More and more millennials are reaching the point in their lives where they are ready to buy a home, but they are entering a highly competitive housing market that has been plagued by low inventory, especially among entry-level homes. Southeastern markets will be easiest for new buyers, where homes

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 3-8-18

    "The surge in home flipping in the last three years is built on a more fundamentally sound foundation than the flipping frenzy that we witnessed a little more than a decade ago. Flippers are behaving more rationally, as evidenced by average gross flipping returns of 50 percent over the last three ye

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 3-7-18

    "Rates inched higher overall last week driven by market concerns over potential U.S. trade tariffs, and Fed Chairman [Jerome] Powell's testimony outlining stronger economic growth and higher expected inflation in the near future. Refinance activity increased slightly last week, but remains close to

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 3-6-18

    "Commercial and multifamily mortgages ended 2017 continuing to perform extraordinarily well. The market tailwinds of strong fundamentals, increasing property values and ready access to mortgage and other credit all put downward pressure on delinquency rates."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real E

  • MBA Newslink Monday 3-5-18

    "While misrepresentation and manufacturing defects can happen on either purchase or refinance transactions, there is a greater propensity for fraud with purchase transactions. The uptick in defect frequency in purchase transactions in January is an indication of heightened fraud risk."--First Americ

  • MBA Newslink Friday 3-2-18

    "Potential buyers deferred homeownership, some even reverted to staying with parents. However, it has become clear in the past three years that some potential buyers have decided the wait is over. The millennial generation is starting to reach the age for starting families and buying homes. The stro

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 3-1-18

    "Inventory has been deteriorating for more than two years, yet 2018 started off with buyer demand stronger than in any previous January we've measured. Along with inventory declines, buyers contended with rising mortgage rates, an overhaul of the tax code and a jumpy stock market. However, strong lo

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 2-28-18

    "MBA believes in housing counseling as an important service that can make someone's homeownership dreams come true. The mission of our partners in the housing counseling community and the real estate industry as a whole is completely aligned."--Steve O'Connor, MBA Senior Vice President of Public Pol

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 2-27-18

    "The downturn for multifamily housing at the national level is expected to stay moderate for the near term as the latecomers to the multifamily expansion--particularly in the smaller markets--continue to see growth."Robert Murray, chief economist with Dodge Data & Analytics.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 2-27-18

    "It's clear that FHA homeowners in these areas need more help to get back on their feet as they recover from these storms." --HUD Secretary Ben Carson, announcing further relief measures for FHA borrowers in 2017 hurricane-impacted areas.

  • MBA Newslink Monday 2-26-18

    "We have come very far in just five short years, and as President, Deborah will ensure we have the added resources to continue to grow and fulfill our mission of aiding families in need of our help."--Debra W. Still, CMB, President and CEO of Pulte Mortgage and MBA Opens Doors Foundation Chairman, a

  • MBA Newslink Friday 2-23-18

    "It's clear that FHA homeowners in these areas need more help to get back on their feet as they recover from these storms." --HUD Secretary Ben Carson, announcing further relief measures for FHA borrowers in 2017 hurricane-impacted areas.

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 2-22-18

    "Low inventories signal a tough spring home buying season. We can expect fast-moving inventory, home prices remaining high and fierce competition as prospective home buyers jostle for limited listings."--Cheryl Young, senior economist with Trulia, San Francisco.

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 2-21-18

    "Private equity firms have a significant amount of capital ripe for deployment into hotel real estate and public real estate investment trusts will likely remain key buyers given the health of their company valuations. In addition, high net worth and family office investors both domestic and off-sho

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 2-20-18

    "Information will inform the sales process more and more, so those with technology who are more informed are going to win."--Walker & Dunlop LLC Chairman and CEO William Walker.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 2-16-18

    "The issue of fair lending is an important one, and MBA has and will continue to advocate for policies that responsibly promote expanding the credit box in order to serve borrowers of all demographics and income levels. Unfortunately, this story does little to contribute to a productive dialogue."--

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 2-15-18

    "We still see windows open for good construction and permanent loans, especially on apartments and well-leased commercial properties."--Paul Hanson, Managing Director with Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee.

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 2-14-18

    "Change will inevitably occur. It's the business cycle; it's just the way things work. At some point--hopefully not too soon--this bullish market will inevitably take a turn."--MBA Chairman Dave Motley, CMB.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 2-13-18

    "We're not seeing the same pace of growth we used to see, but we are seeing growth. That's pretty remarkable this late in the cycle. CRE is sort of like the Energizer Bunny--it keeps going and going."--MBA Vice President of Commercial/Multifamily Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA Newslink Monday 2-12-18

    "There is a strong mix of both headwinds and tailwinds in the commercial real estate finance markets right now. Our sense is that for commercial and multifamily mortgage borrowing and lending, the net effect is likely to be close to a wash."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jam

Displaying 1 to 25 of 1276 records.
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