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  • MBA Newslink Friday 5-25-18

    "Women who cry in the workplace don't cry because they're upset. They cry because their pissed."--Joanne Lipman, author of That's What She Said: What Men Need To Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together, at a recent MBA mPower event.

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 5-24-18

    "MBA commends the Senate for confirming Brian Montgomery to lead the Federal Housing Administration. His experience, knowledge and ability will ensure his success in this position. MBA fully supports FHA's efforts to assist low and moderate income Americans and first-time homebuyers. We look forward

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 5-23-18

    "The bill marks years' worth of work by a group of bipartisan Senators and parallel and focused advocacy by the legislative and policy teams at MBA...I want to commend the House of Representatives for joining the Senate and passing this bill which will protect consumers and provide greater access to

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 5-22-18

    "All of us have to work together--mortgage bankers, realtors, home builders--to create meaningful change. We don't have to worry about people wanting to own a home--they do."--MBA President & CEO David Stevens, CMB, speaking at the MBA National Secondary Market Conference & Expo in New York.

  • MBA Newslink Monday 5-21-18

    "Despite rising prices and low inventory, sales in 2018 so far are slightly higher than last year, which was the best year on record since the 2006 housing boom. As we enter peak home buying season, new listings will be key in maintaining sales growth and moderating the rapid price increases we've s

  • MBA Newslink Friday 5-18-18

    "This is a pivotal time with rising prices and rates weighing heavily on consumers. Flat to declining home sales volume indicates sellers and buyers are not exactly jumping in with both feet. More of them could be moved off the sidelines if perceived security and confidence in home buying could be r

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 5-17-18

    "The strong economy, low unemployment rate, tax refunds and bonuses and home price appreciation were key factors that helped push delinquencies down in the first quarter."--MBA Vice President of Industry Analysis Marina Walsh.

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 5-16-18

    "Treasury rates increased very slightly over the week, as the general sentiment was that inflation in April was not as strong as expected, despite a solid economic outlook." --MBA Associate Vice President of Economic and Industry Forecasting Joel Kan.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 5-15-18

    "2017 was the worst year on record for economic losses, both insured and uninsured, arising from natural disasters, led by losses from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. With the 2018 hurricane season fast approaching, we wanted to support disaster preparedness and provide information necessary to h

  • MBA Newslink Monday 5-14-18

    "The [Telephone Consumer Protection Act] landscape is dysfunctional and in need of clarity from the FCC. The statute, originally intended to target a specific abusive telemarketing practice, has been expanded by courts and the FCC, turning it into a breeding ground for frivolous lawsuits against leg

  • MBA Newslink Friday 5-11-18

    "Millennials reflect the choices made by those with lower annual household income and those living in urban areas, and show that they are a generation still grappling with the effects of the recession while trying to enter the housing market."--Trulia Data Analyst Alexandra Lee.

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 5-10-18

    "Despite a strong economy and job market, the decrease in April was likely due to a combination of rising mortgage rates and slow new construction activity, as builders still face a shortage of skilled labor and increasing materials costs, among other challenges." --Joel Kan, MBA Associate Vice Pres

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 5-9-18

    "The [CFPB's] authority to conduct administrative adjudications is one of the Bureau's most important authorities...While the current adjudication process facilitates a speedy resolution, it does so by sacrificing important due process protections. Given the significant stakes and complex issues oft

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 5-8-18

    "Credit availability in April was unchanged overall, but the components told different stories. Government credit tightened slightly as investors continued to pull back on streamline refinance products, while conventional credit availability increased, driven mainly by an expansion in jumbo credit."

  • MBA Newslink Monday 5-7-18

    "In terms of brick-and-mortar stores and the real estate that supports it, the phrase 'retail apocalypse' is no hyperbole. Store footprints are continuing to shrink and we are seeing droves of traditional retail assets being repurposed or simply demolished."--Ten-X Chief Economist Peter Muoio.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 5-4-18

    "As more Millennials reach the prime home buying age of 29 to 32 years old, they are finding a mortgage experience leveraging technology that is fast and engaging in ways that their parents couldn't imagine when they were buying their first home." --Joe Tyrrell, executive vice president of corporate

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 5-1-18

    "Receipt of a CID can cause lasting reputational harm to the recipient and frequently requires significant resources to respond. For these reasons, the Bureau's CIDs should be targeted and limited, with a clearly defined process to challenge them if necessary. Such a process will allow the Bureau to

  • MBA Newslink Monday 4-30-18

    "While demand is buttressed by healthy consumer fundamentals such as low unemployment and robust job growth, chronically low inventory and skyrocketing prices plagues the housing market."--Cheryl Young, senior economist with Trulia, San Francisco.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 4-27-18

    "This year's home-shopping season is shaping up to be even crazier than last, and sadly, the group that will have the hardest time is first-time and lower-income homebuyers. These buyers will be competing for the few entry level homes on the market, which are also the ones appreciating the fastest b

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 4-26-18

    "I recognize that tax reform was the initial priority of this Administration, but we have to be capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. I'm hopeful that the Administration and the Treasury Department will engage with Congress and move forward with comprehensive housing finance reform."

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 4-25-18

    "Comprehensive housing reform remains my highest priority. While we have bipartisan cooperation on housing reform, we do not have a final solution, but we are working on it."--Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, speaking yesterday at the MBA National Advocacy Conference.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 4-24-18

    "Sellers are slow to list this year and we aren't seeing enough new construction homes to fill the gap. If we don't see the new listings number turn around next month or a pickup in new housing starts, inventory will be a persistent drag on sales for the remainder of the year."--Redfin chief economi

  • MBA Newslink Monday 4-23-18

    "Two important trends signal that some modest relief for the housing supply shortage is on the way--the continued year-over-year growth in completions means more homes on the market in the short-term and the dramatic rise in construction employment this month indicates housing construction is likely

  • MBA Newslink Friday 4-20-18

    "We have to get better; online is the play. We have members overseas that want to--and have to--obtain a complete mortgage online. We have to be able to accommodate them."--Ben Sizemore, senior vice president of mortgage transformation with Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Arlington, Va.

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 4-19-18

    "What we see is a lot of lack of preparation. What we also see are a lot of companies in a reactive mode, because they didn't prepare for an attack they didn't think was going to happen."--Tom Clerici, cyber security practice director with Arraya Solutions, Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

Displaying 1 to 25 of 1324 records.
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