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  • MBA Newslink Friday 9-22-17

    "We urge Treasury, FHFA and Congress to remain focused on addressing the long-term housing finance reform efforts necessary to end GSE conservatorship permanently and create a stronger, stable system for the future that helps ensure all in America have access to affordable housing opportunities."--f

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 9-21-17

    "The Fed statement was relatively hawkish, with members clearly indicating plans to increase short-term rates one more time this year, likely in December, and 3-4 times per year until the fed funds target reaches roughly 3 percent. Even though inflation remains relatively low, the tight job market i

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 9-20-17

    "MBA will continue working with HUD to secure a long-term resolution for this issue so it does not continue to be an impediment to your business."--MBA President and CEO David Stevens, CMB, on HUD's waiver yesterday of its policy on timeframes for completing inspection of properties in areas of Flor

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 9-19-17

    "What the industry really needs at this point in time is clear guidance--not just the rules, but clear guidance on the Bureau's expectations for how to comply. The paper comes up with a series of recommendations that will push past what we call the regulation by enforcement paradigm and move us into

  • MBA Newslink Monday 9-18-17

    "This policy alignment would allow literally thousands of pending home sales transactions get back on track, allowing loans to close on properties where there is no damage and expediting the repair process where necessary to restore the damage and complete the home sale."--MBA President and CEO Davi

  • MBA Newslink Friday 9-15-17

    "Mortgage banking is a highly cyclical business, prone to expansion and contraction as market conditions change," Rossi said. "Mortgage product innovation is healthy for the industry and consumer so long as product risks and process quality are well understood."--Clifford Rossi, Executive in Residen

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 9-14-17

    "His previous experience will serve him well in this position. I hope the Senate will move quickly to confirm Brian and we look forward to working with him, Secretary Carson and others in the Administration to ensure a strong, robust FHA program."--MBA President and CEO David Stevens, on the Trump A

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 9-13-17

    "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's reluctance to issue clear guidance on the laws it inherited, such as the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, has resulted in a confused, uneven market that actually narrows consumers' access to sustainable credit. Now is the time to look back at what ha

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 9-12-17

    "It is unclear what impact hurricanes Harvey and Irma will have on housing starts in the region in coming months, but it is likely that recent new home sales will be delayed in breaking ground."--MBA Vice President of Research and Economics Lynn Fisher.

  • MBA Newslink Monday 9-11-17

    "Mortgage credit availability increased slightly in August, driven by the expansion of credit among conforming and agency jumbo programs. Following the same pattern as last month, agency eligible adjustable-rate mortgage loan programs continued to be updated in August to allow for higher loan to val

  • MBA Newslink Friday 9-8-17

    "Confidence in market fundamentals remains high among industry participants, largely due to strong demand fueled by lifestyle preferences and demographic changes...[but] it underscores the need for increased investment in the acquisition and preservation of affordable rental housing." --Freddie Mac

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 9-7-17

    "The most effective goals will be those that include both specific, quantitative outcomes based on loans made to distinct borrower/market segments and qualitative efforts, such as outreach, research and targeted initiatives. These differing types of goals should be pursued in tandem and should compl

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 9-6-17

    "Filling HUD's Deputy Secretary position could not be more critical. Pam Patenaude's leadership will be a great asset to the Department, and her knowledge will forward the mission of HUD. We urge you to support her confirmation and move it to the Floor for a vote."--From a letter signed by MBA and n

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 9-5-17

    "Purchase transactions, which are inherently more at risk of defects, fraud and misrepresentation, showed no increase compared to a month ago. One month doesn't establish a trend, so it will be important to see if we've reached a turning point in the long-run trend of increasing defect risk."--Mark

  • MBA Newslink Friday 9-1-17

    "Since properties have been sufficiently insured, the commercial loan toll has been very limited compared to the devastating human toll. However, Houston could be somewhat of a different story. With some large area offices facing major lease expirations, an extended inability to show, renovate or re

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 8-31-17

    "The entire mortgage industry is working around the clock to identify homeowners in the affected areas who are in need of assistance or who have questions about their property, payment status or loans. We are encouraging any homeowner who is unsure of their situation to immediately contact their len

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 8-30-17

    "Production profitability improved in the second quarter as volume picked up with the spring home buying season and a slight drop in mortgage rates. Production revenues declined due to increased competition, but that was more than offset by per loan expenses dropping to levels comparable with other

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 8-29-17

    "FHFA's effort to expand the use of alternative credit scoring models is a critical component to reversing the steady decline in homeownership particularly for low- and moderate-income as well as minority consumers."--From an MBA/trade group letter asking the Federal Housing Finance Agency to update

  • MBA Newslink Monday 8-28-17

    "The current softening in rents is also driven by continued new deliveries, which is expected to peak in the third quarter."--From a JLL report on multifamily investment, cautioning that volume continues to fall from a year ago.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 8-25-17

    "The employment outlook continues to support loan performance. Monthly job growth topped 200,000 jobs in June for the fourth time in the first six months of the year. Job growth in the month of July also topped 200,000. Possible factors that could influence a directional change include rising loan-t

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 8-24-17

    "The market is taking less than half of the credit risk that it took in 2001, a period of reasonable credit standards, and less than a third of the credit risk taken in 2006, a period where we all agree credit standards were too lax."--Laurie Goodman, co-director of the Urban Institute Housing Polic

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 8-23-17

    "A strong appetite for jumbo loans and a highly competitive jumbo market has led to increased availability and lower pricing of jumbo loans over the past few years."--Joel Kan, MBA Associate Vice President of Industry Surveys and Forecasting.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 8-22-17

    "The prospect for future homeownership demand looks hopeful, as more households increase their educational attainment level and thus their prospect for higher income."--First American Financial Corp. Chief Economist Mark Fleming.

  • MBA Newslink Monday 8-21-17

    "The market has been shifting from refis to purchases, but we saw a pick-up in refinancing with lower rates."--Ellie Mae President and CEO Jonathan Corr.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 8-18-17

    "There is a pullback in core opportunities in the market right now. Investors are being selective, looking at longer hold periods and seeking new strategies as a means to increase real estate assets under management and mitigate current market challenges."--JLL Capital Markets Americas President Jon

Displaying 1 to 25 of 1158 records.
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