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  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 11-14-18

    "The important point is that private capital needs to be at the ready if and when the Administration or the Federal Housing Finance Agency start taking steps to reduce the market's reliance on Fannie and Freddie." --MBA President and CEO Robert D. Broeksmit, CMB.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 11-13-18

    "While cash-outs make up the highest share of refinances they have since 2008, this is no reason for alarm. In an environment of home price appreciation, people commonly tap into their home equity. Cash-out refinances allow homeowners to make home improvements, pay for educational and health care ex

  • MBA Newslink Friday 11-9-18

    "Despite the small uptick this quarter, the healthy economy is overall supporting low mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure inventories. Unemployment is at its lowest levels since 1969, wages have grown 3.1 percent year-over-year--the biggest jump in almost a decade--and job growth is averaging ove

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 11-8-18

    "Commercial real estate finance markets are on pace to match last year's record volumes of borrowing and lending. Property incomes and values continue to grow, albeit at slower paces than previous years, and the amount of capital looking to be placed in real estate and debt remains robust. We antici

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 11-7-18

    "It's evident that housing inventory shortages continue to impact prospective home buyers this fall."--Joel Kan, MBA Associate Vice President of Economic and Industry Forecasts.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 11-6-18

    "We've heard from our members on this issue probably more than any other issue--and we're on it."--MBA President and CEO Robert Broeksmit, CMB, in a new MBANow video on loan originator compensation.

  • MBA Newslink Monday 11-5-18

    "At 3.1 percent, the year-over-year increase in average hour earnings followed a similarly strong increase in the wages component of the ECI released earlier this week. This is a positive for the housing market, for which home price appreciation exceeding wage growth has been an issue in recent year

  • MBA Newslink Friday 11-2-18

    "With tight inventory and appreciating home prices affecting real estate market conditions across the country, many people are pursuing fix and flip markets as strategic income opportunities. There is noticeable activity in the Southern and Midwestern markets, which may be less competitive. As more

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 11-1-18

    "The housing market always lets up a little in the fall, when kids are back in school and the home shopping season wraps up for the holidays. But this fall and winter are shaping up to be more favorable for those buyers who have struggled to get into the housing market for several years amid red-hot

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 10-31-18

    "Purchase applications inched backward from the previous week, as well as compared to one year ago--the first year-over-year decline in purchase activity since August. Purchase applications may have been adversely impacted by the recent uptick in rates and the significant stock market volatility we

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 10-30-18

    "A streamlined process could be beneficial to both lenders and RHS. However, we are concerned that this proposal, as drafted, will result in increased losses for lenders on properties that take a significant time to liquidate following foreclosure sale. Whether or not this concern is a reality depen

  • MBA Newslink Monday 10-29-18

    "MBA members and the mortgage industry enthusiastically support Opens Doors' mission, and their strong support is deeply appreciated. The generosity shown at MBA's Convention will have a considerable impact on helping families. To put the $685,175 raised into perspective, the average grant provided

  • MBA Newslink Friday 10-26-18

    "The multifamily lending market in 2017 benefited from improving fundamentals, rising property values and low interest rates. The result was larger loan sizes and record levels of overall borrowing and lending."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 10-25-18

    "The TCPA should not expose legitimate businesses to unquantifiable uncertainty and the threat of costly liability for placing legitimate informational and other non-telemarketing calls to their customers. Unfortunately, the recent wave of litigation had led to this very situation."--MBA Senior Vice

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 10-24-18

    "The LO Comp rule causes serious problems for industry and consumers due to its inflexible prohibitions on adjusting compensation and its amorphous definition for what constitutes a proxy for a loan's term or conditions. The rule harms the efficiency of the mortgage loan market by limiting lenders'

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 10-23-18

    "The Capital Council is designed to be a valuable resource for those who shape and influence decisions on commercial real estate finance investment committees. I encourage MBA members with an interest in developing business relationships and sharing their insights with key decision-makers in the com

  • MBA Newslink Monday 10-22-18

    "Unfortunately, the slide in housing is the real deal. Virtually every leading indicator of housing demand has been trending lower for several months, including pending home sales, mortgage purchase applications and the proportion of consumers stating that now is a good time to buy a home."--Mark Vi

  • MBA Newslink Friday 10-19-18

    "In our members' experience, the Volcker Rule--in its current form--has not proven to be anefficient tool for achieving its intended policy objectives for a number of reasons."--From an MBA/trade group letter to federal agencies recommending changes to the Volcker Rule that would alleviate unnecessa

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 10-18-18

    "The problems of unconscious gender bias go deeper than any of us can imagine. We are enculturing--generation after generation--the lack of representation of women in virtually every profession because of the message we are sending: that women and girls are far less valued than men and boys."--Actor

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 10-17-18

    "While the macroeconomic and housing market backdrops are, and should remain quite favorable, the mortgage industry continues to be challenged by the drop in origination volume, coupled with significant margin compression. Lenders of all types and sizes are seeing elevated costs, coupled with intens

  • MBA Newslink TuesdayAM 10-16-18

    "If you're breaking the law, we're going to come after you. If you're doing something we don't like, but it's within the law, then we're going to leave you alone....regulation by enforcement is done."--Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Director Mick Mulvaney, speaking at the MBA Annual Convent

  • MBA Newslink TuesdayPM 10-16-18

    "We thought Barack Obama was brilliant for harnessing the power of Facebook--and then Donald Trump harnessed the power of Twitter."--John Harris, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Politico.

  • MBA Newslink MondayPM 10-15-18

    "No matter who sits in [Congress], housing is not a partisan issue. MBA is leading the way in fostering this bipartisan cooperation. Our job--MBA and our members--is to connect with and educate all regulators and legislators, regardless of party, to get the job done and ensure a vibrant real estate

  • MBA Newslink MondayAM 10-15-18

    "We believe that the best course of action is for USDA to remove the existing interest rate cap and instead allow market forces to dictate interest rates and other pricing terms. Should USDA find evidence of higher financing costs following implementation of this recommendation, MBA would support fu

  • MBA Newslink Friday 10-12-18

    "We urge the subcommittee to create asecure, fully integrated and cost-effective B2G solution that can operate in our dynamic economy and protect against evolving threats. Our member institutions support a streamlined process that promotes efficiency while minimizing the burden on participants."--Fr

Displaying 1 to 25 of 1442 records.
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