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  • MBA Newslink Friday 5-26-17

    "If everyone sells, the supply squeeze would ease. However, homeowners may not be putting their homes on the market because they're wary of the risk of selling when others don't--the inability to find another home to purchase at the right price."--First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming.

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 5-25-17

    "One thing is clear: we as an industry must embrace innovation. It's liberating and exciting to think with a mindset of what could be rather than one based on what has been."--MBA Chairman Rodrigo Lopez, CMB.

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 5-24-17

    "In the first quarter, we saw good positive household growth compared to a year before, about two-thirds was in owner-occupied and one-third was in renter-occupied housing. So we're seeing some stability. That's pretty good news. It brings a little bit of relief to some of the excess demands we have

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 5-23-17

    "Put simply, super-priority statutes allow HOAs to eviscerate first-in-time mortgages often worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to satisfy later-incurred debts typically amounting to a few thousand dollars. Such schemes contravene bedrock principles of property law and threaten to destabilize the

  • MBA Newslink Monday 5-22-17

    "The current strength of the remodeling market can be attributed primarily to economics--low mortgage rates, strong existing home sales, the bull stock market run, good job gains and now more recently, wage gains. Yet, as the economic cycle matures over the next few years, rates increase and full em

  • MBA Newslink Friday 5-19-17

    "For-sale price increases remain strong, but sellers are still cutting prices to move homes off the market and doing so at an accelerating rate. This suggests that if price cuts are predictive, home prices soon could flatten. On the other hand, accelerating home prices could just be making it more d

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 5-18-17

    "The e-commerce share has been rising for years and shows little signs of slowing, leading big-box retailers to either close or downsize many of their stores. Hedge funds have increasingly been shorting real estate investment trusts and bonds tied to shopping malls, adding even more fuel to the alre

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 5-17-17

    "We saw an increase in foreclosure starts for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2014, but this increase was accompanied by a sizable drop in loans that were 90 days or more past due. It is likely that legacy distressed loans were held in the late stage-delinquency bucket by factors such as

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 5-16-17

    "With weather distortions now comfortably behind us, the strength we are seeing in home buying reflects a real fundamental improvement in housing demand. Demand for single-family homes is being driven by stronger job growth and a rising supply of millennial buyers."--Mark Vitner, senior economist wi

  • MBA Newslink Monday 5-15-17

    "For the first time this year, mortgage applications for new homes in April were lower than the same month a year ago. A relatively strong March may have pulled forward some applications from April, exacerbating the normal seasonal fall-off."--MBA Vice President of Research and Economics Lynn Fisher

  • MBA Newslink Friday 5-12-17

    "I have said repeatedly, and I want to reiterate, that these conservatorships are not sustainable and they need to end as soon as Congress can chart the way forward on housing finance reform."--Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt, in testimony yesterday before the Senate Banking Committ

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 5-11-17

    "Foreclosure activity continued to search for a new post-recession floor in April thanks in large part to the above-par performance of mortgages originated in the past seven years. Meanwhile we are seeing an elevated share of repeat foreclosures on homeowners who often fell into default several year

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 5-10-17

    "Continuing strength in the job market and improving consumer confidence drove overall purchase applications to increase last week. The index for purchase applications reached its highest level since the beginning of October 2015, which was the week prior to the implementation of the federal governm

  • MBA Newslink Monday 5-8-17

    "We have already begun to see a shift in pricing momentum. As capital expands its opportunity set, this should create a ‘virtuous cycle' of further price appreciation, reducing spreads where they have run in advance of fundamentals."--Cushman & Wakefield Chief Economist Kevin Thorpe.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 5-9-17

    "You're more likely to encounter a home in the U.S. that hasn't recovered than has."--Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist with Trulia, San Francisco.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 5-5-17

    "Keeping your head down will not prevent you from being shot, so it's best to keep your head up so that you see the bullet coming. When you submerge your voice, you become irrelevant. When you are in an environment where everyone else is besieged by fear, you have clear vision; you have opportunity.

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 5-4-17

    "Commercial real estate borrowing and lending started 2017 on much the same footing it ended 2016. Multifamily properties remain the key force behind overall originations trends, and the government-sponsored enterprises continue to drive multifamily originations. Matching broader investment themes,

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 5-3-17

    "Millennials are now buying homes. They done what they've said-the graduated from college; they paid down some of their student loan debt; they've gotten married, albeit later than usual; and now they're starting to buy homes."--Fannie Mae Chief Economist Doug Duncan.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 5-2-17

    "We cannot let Washington ignore the warning signs again. Do not repeat the past. We have the power right now to protect our system. We must act now to ensure the stability of our homes, our neighborhoods and our economy. We have a duty, a responsibility to take the right preventative measures now t

  • MBA Newslink Monday 5-1-17

    "Pam is exceptional choice. Personally, I have worked with her for a number of years and she is exactly the kind of leader who will help support the secretary and also address the critical issues ahead for HUD. She has a well-informed understanding of the agency, and essential technical knowledge of

  • MBA Newslink Friday 4-28-17

    "The lack of homes listed for sale is causing unadjusted house price growth to remain strong. Additionally, increasing interest rates are reducing consumer purchasing power. The result is a substantial year-over-year increase in the real price of homes."--Mark Fleming, chief economist with First Ame

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 4-27-17

    "As the rule currently stands, banks are hindered in their ability to provide this financing. Through clarification from legislation, they will be able to better meet the needs of their borrowers, contributing to the greater overall commercial real estate finance ecosystem."--MBA Chairman Rodrigo L&

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 4-26-17

    "There are still relatively few existing homes listed for sale and the small 3.8 month supply is supporting the recent price increases. Housing affordability has declined since 2012 as the pressure of higher prices has been a larger factor than stable to lower mortgage rates."--David Blitzer, Managi

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 4-25-17

    "PACE loans are--in substance--consumer loans secured by real property and should be subject to federal consumer protection requirements, not dependent on a patchwork of limited or non-existent state/municipal laws that do not adequately protect homeowners."--From MBA/trade group letters to House an

  • MBA Newslink Monday 4-24-17

    "The first quarter of 2017 shows strong start to home buying season. While inventory remains low, the pace of existing home sales is relatively steady...These promising numbers bode well for this rest of home buying season, showing that demand remains high despite the headwinds in the market."--Cher

Displaying 1 to 25 of 1076 records.
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