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  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 1-16-18

    "It's important to focus on options that target churning while not impeding the ability of service members and veterans to obtain a beneficial refinancing. We recognize that the VA program is a unique loan program--an entitlement program for veterans who have served our country. As such, while we su

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 1-9-18

    "HELOCs have been an attractive option for borrowers to utilize available equity without sacrificing low first- lien interest rates; with interest on these products no longer deductible, the value proposition has changed."--Black Knight Data & Analytics Executive Vice President Ben Graboske.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 12-19-17

    "The tough challenges associated with implementation are still ahead, however, to ensure that the Plans meet affordable housing needs in underserved markets around the country." --Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Melvin Watt, on published "Duty to Serve" guidelines for Fannie Mae and Freddie

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 12-12-17

    "PACE liens pose a real danger to secured lenders and to the MMI fund because they erode the underlying collateral due to their priority lien position in the event of default. HUD's actions today will help protect taxpayers and the FHA insurance fund, and will align FHA policy with that of Fannie Ma

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 12-5-17

    "Because of the Rounds Amendment, this package will protect the ability of most Americans to obtain safe, decent shelter and affordable home mortgage credit without disruption. Had this language not been included, the change in tax accounting for MSRs would have had a devastating impact on the flow

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 11-21-17

    "The drop in the capital reserve ratio--primarily due to the extreme volatility of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program--demonstrates that the Trump Administration was wise to reverse the mortgage insurance premium reduction made in the last days of the previous administration. Had the reduct

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 11-14-17

    "Home equity is a critical source of financing for low- and middle-income households for home improvements, college tuition and other emergencies. MBA believes deductibility of a portion of home equity indebtedness should be retained. In addition, the deduction for property taxes helps families over

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 11-7-17

    "Only Congress can alter the existing GSE charters, establish an explicit federal government guarantee and create a regulatory mandate to maintain a level playing field. We cannot go back to a housing finance system that provides private gains when markets are strong yet relies on support from taxpa

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 10-31-17

    "MBA has long recognized the importance of this ‘bright line' between the primary and secondary markets, and its continued application is particularly crucial given the rapid development and deployment of new mortgage-related technologies."--MBA President and CEO David Stevens, CMB, in a lette

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 10-24-17

    "MBA and its members are committed to serving all borrowers in a safe and sustainable manner--including those with limited English proficiency. While we continue to have significant reservations about including a language preference question on the URLA, we appreciate the modest improvements FHFA ha

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 10-17-17

    "We firmly believe that Congress and the administration have a ‘once-in-a-generation' opportunity to overhaul the tax code in a manner that will spur long-term economic growth, create jobs and place more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans."--MBA President and CEO David Stevens, CMB

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 10-10-17

    "Hacking is easy. Personal information is cheap and you don't even have to go on the Dark Web to buy it."--Christa Lynn Greco, intelligence analyst in the criminal investigative division with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 10-3-17

    "We're going to see loans continue to be processed the traditional way, but we're also going to increasingly see use of these new methods, because it's what lenders and customers are demanding."--Jude Landis, vice president of credit policy and risk management with Fannie Mae, Washington, D.C.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 9-26-17

    "We urge Treasury, FHFA and Congress to remain focused on addressing the long-term housing finance reform efforts necessary to end GSE conservatorship permanently and create a stronger, stable system for the future that helps ensure all in America have access to affordable housing opportunities."--f

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 9-19-17

    "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's reluctance to issue clear guidance on the laws it inherited, such as the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, has resulted in a confused, uneven market that actually narrows consumers' access to sustainable credit. Now is the time to look back at what ha

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 9-12-17

    "To reform and strengthen the secondary mortgage market, the most effective goals will be those that include both specific, quantitative outcomes based on loans made to distinct borrower/market segments and qualitative efforts, such as outreach, research and targeted initiatives. These differing typ

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 9-5-17

    "The entire mortgage industry is working around the clock to identify homeowners in the affected areas who are in need of assistance or who have questions about their property, payment status or loans. We are encouraging any homeowner who is unsure of their situation to immediately contact their len

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 8-29-17

    "The employment outlook continues to support loan performance. Monthly job growth topped 200,000 jobs in June for the fourth time in the first six months of the year. Job growth in the month of July also topped 200,000. Possible factors that could influence a directional change include rising loan-t

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 8-22-17

    "An increasing number of U.S. homeowners are amassing impressive stockpiles of home equity wealth, enjoying the benefits of rapidly rising home prices while staying conservative when it comes to cashing out on their equity."--ATTOM Data Solutions Senior Vice President Daren Blomquist.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 8-15-17

    "Strong employment growth and home price increases have contributed to improved mortgage performance."--CoreLogic Chief Economist Frank Nothaft.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 8-8-17

    "Balancing taxpayer protection, investor returns and consumer costs is critical to realizing a more stable housing finance system going forward."--From a new MBA paper, GSE Reform: Consumer Costs in a Reformed System, which examines MBA's plan to build a stable foundation for the secondary mort

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 8-1-17

    "The past few years have not been easy for mortgage servicers as they've struggled with regulatory and market pressures, but still managed to deliver on customer satisfaction. Now, as that trend starts to shift and customer satisfaction levels off, it is critical that mortgage servicers continue to

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 7-25-17

    "We believe this plan will lead to a more stable system that protects taxpayers while also promoting broad credit availability in a primary market featuring lenders of all sizes and business models. Our plan features a number of provisions specifically designed to protect small and mid-sized lender

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 7-18-17

    "By clarifying that private coverage satisfies the continuous coverage requirement, S. 563 and H.R. 1422 will help to make these policies a more viable option for consumers."--From an MBA/trade group letter urging Congress to pass legislation to modify the National Flood Insurance Program.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 7-11-17

    "MBA appreciates the CFPB's efforts in amending the Know Before You Owe rule to address several significant questions that have been raised for some time by our industry. This is an extensive rule and we intend to review it closely with our members."--MBA President David Stevens, CMB, in a statement

Displaying 1 to 25 of 242 records.
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