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  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 7-10-18

    "The value of Bureau guidance materials lies in their reliability. Unfortunately, the Bureau's practice of using disclaimers to make guidance non-binding on the Bureau erodes much of its reliability. Regulated entities must be able to rely on guidance to ensure they are operating within the rules. M

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 7-3-18

    "The industry has undergone significant changes in the decades since these rules were first conceived. Recent advances in technology have only quickened the pace of change. The Bureau must ensure its regulations and regulatory guidance reflect these changes. In the past, the Bureau billed itself as

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 6-26-18

    "The Administration's proposal to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac closely tracks much of the work that has been done to date by policymakers on Capitol Hill. It includes many core principles that MBA has long advocated for, such as an explicit government guarantee on [mortgage-backed securities] o

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 6-12-18

    "Falling volume drove net production profitability into the red for only the second time since inception of our report in the third quarter of 2008. While production revenues per loan actually increased in the first quarter, we also reached a study-high for total production expenses at $8,957 per lo

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 6-5-18

    "MBA [has] become concerned in recent years with a lack of transparency in the FHFA approval process for new activities and new products...This process has made it far more difficult for policymakers, market participants and other stakeholders to understand whether certain offerings are serving the

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 5-29-18

    "The bill marks years' worth of work by a group of bipartisan Senators and parallel and focused advocacy by the legislative and policy teams at MBA...I want to commend the House of Representatives for joining the Senate and passing this bill which will protect consumers and provide greater access to

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 5-22-18

    "The strong economy, low unemployment rate, tax refunds and bonuses and home price appreciation were key factors that helped push delinquencies down in the first quarter."--MBA Vice President of Industry Analysis Marina Walsh.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 5-15-18

    "The [Telephone Consumer Protection Act] landscape is dysfunctional and in need of clarity from the FCC. The statute, originally intended to target a specific abusive telemarketing practice, has been expanded by courts and the FCC, turning it into a breeding ground for frivolous lawsuits against leg

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 5-8-18

    "We've reached a tipping point in this housing boom where enough homeowners have regained both sufficient equity and sufficient confidence to tap into their home equity--resulting in a noticeably slower decline in seriously underwater properties and slower growth in equity rich properties." --Daren

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 4-24-18

    "Data will move faster and be more accurate. What can we learn from it? If we don't get on the train, it's going to be over. Whoever can move faster on technology and invest time and effort in technology will succeed."--Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Quicken Loans Inc., Detroit.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 4-17-18

    "Production profits dropped by almost half in 2017 as rate-term refinancings diminished and the overall average production volume dropped. Production revenues per loan were up slightly for the year, as higher loan balances mitigated the effects of competitive pressures. However, production expenses

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 4-10-18

    "The challenge today is that we have a system with an extraordinary amount of uncertainty in the origination process. One of the things we have to do is look at the burdens imposed on lenders, who must navigate a complex set of compliance and regulatory requirements that remain subject to interpreta

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 4-3-18

    "While credit scores play only a limited role in the underwriting process for loans acquired by the Enterprises, their impact on borrower eligibility and loan pricing warrants periodic review. Given that any changes to the existing Enterprise requirements would entail operational challenges that bri

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 3-27-18

    "Production profits plummeted in the fourth quarter of 2017. Purchase volume was lower in the fourth quarter, in part due to normal seasonality. At the same time, there was no substantial pickup in refinancings."--MBA Vice President of Industry Analysis Marina Walsh.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 3-20-18

    "Commercial/multifamily mortgage debt outstanding grew at a slightly slower rate than overall property values. Even so, 2017 marked the strongest year for mortgage debt growth since 2007."--MBA Vice President of Commercial/Multifamily Economics Jamie Woodwell.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 3-13-18

    "MBA supports S. 2155 and would urge all Senators to vote to preserve the bill's key elements throughout the amendment process, and, in turn, to vote in favor of the bill's final passage at the conclusion of the debate. We applaud and appreciate the collective, bipartisan coalition efforts that led

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 3-6-18

    "Commercial and multifamily mortgages ended 2017 continuing to perform extraordinarily well. The market tailwinds of strong fundamentals, increasing property values and ready access to mortgage and other credit all put downward pressure on delinquency rates."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real E

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 2-20-18

    "The issue of fair lending is an important one, and MBA has and will continue to advocate for policies that responsibly promote expanding the credit box in order to serve borrowers of all demographics and income levels. Unfortunately, this story does little to contribute to a productive dialogue."--

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 2-13-18

    "As we work with policymakers to address the legislative and regulatory burdens that prevent us from providing the service we want to give, we should always keep our families in mind. We continue seeking clarity in the rules with written and reliable guidance all servicers can follow, and all consum

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 2-6-18

    "MBA is gratified the Court recognized that the CFPB violated the law when it tried to change longstanding RESPA rules through the enforcement process rather than by issuing a new rule or guidance. This decision notwithstanding, the Bureau still owes the industry clear and constructive guidance on i

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 1-30-18

    "Given that this coming wave [of home buyers] will be the most culturally diverse in our nation's history, we must transform how our companies look in order to better reflect the customers we hope to serve. This is especially important for IMBs and community banks, who are so close and so connected

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 1-23-18

    "There are many similarities between this proposal and MBA's own plan including the need for a government guarantee behind mortgage-backed securities to support single-family and multifamily finance, two or more competing guarantors, the use of a single security in the single family market and a lev

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 1-16-18

    "It's important to focus on options that target churning while not impeding the ability of service members and veterans to obtain a beneficial refinancing. We recognize that the VA program is a unique loan program--an entitlement program for veterans who have served our country. As such, while we su

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 1-9-18

    "HELOCs have been an attractive option for borrowers to utilize available equity without sacrificing low first- lien interest rates; with interest on these products no longer deductible, the value proposition has changed."--Black Knight Data & Analytics Executive Vice President Ben Graboske.

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 12-19-17

    "The tough challenges associated with implementation are still ahead, however, to ensure that the Plans meet affordable housing needs in underserved markets around the country." --Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Melvin Watt, on published "Duty to Serve" guidelines for Fannie Mae and Freddie

Displaying 1 to 25 of 264 records.
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