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  • MBA CMF Newslink 8-16-18

    "The last months of 2017 exceeded expectations for the multifamily market, and that trend continued into the first half of 2018. There will be certain submarkets that will see moderation, but overall the multifamily market continues to benefit from a solid macroeconomy and continued strong demand. S

  • MBA CMF Newslink 8-9-18

    "The commercial mortgage lending market should remain favorable to borrowers for the balance of the year. Loan credit spreads remain tight and underwriting standards are stable. While there is some risk to an escalation of trade disputes, this has not yet influenced credit availability or pricing."-

  • MBA CMF Newslink 8-2-18

    "Loan prices in the commercial mortgage-backed securities universe remained flat in June as U.S. Treasuries remained relatively unchanged." --DebtX Managing Director Will Mercer.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 7-26-18

    "A new, emerging trend is that the much cleaner loans of CMBS 2.0 are beginning to show cracks as a small chunk of newer production hits inevitable difficulties," he said. "Maintaining less than one-third of one percentage point in delinquent loans is unnatural through the credit cycle."--Brian Olas

  • MBA CMF Newslink 7-19-18

    "The net result for the major property sectors may be no change, but some property types have done quite well over the past year and a half. Values for industrial, manufactured home parks and student housing are all up by double-digit amounts over that period. Retail has seen prices decline about 10

  • MBA CMF Newslink 7-12-18

    "Commuters give the city its tidal restlessness, natives give it solidity and continuity, but the settlers give it passion."--E.B. White

  • MBA CMF Newslink 7-5-18

    "Our members experience the unwarranted regulatory burdens and privacy issues from the unnecessary application of HMDA reporting requirements to business-purpose loans secured by multifamily properties. We believe that HMDA reporting on business-to-business loans secured by multifamily properties is

  • MBA CMF Newslink 6-28-18

    "During the first three months of 2018, commercial and multifamily mortgage debt outstanding increased more than during any other Q1 since before the Great Recession."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 6-21-18

    "These incremental improvements help further standardize and streamline the property inspection process, allowing lenders more time to focus on monitoring property condition and performance."--Grandbridge Real Estate Capital Vice President Anne Doty, discussing revisions to MBA's Standard Property I

  • MBA CMF Newslink 6-14-18

    "2017 was the strongest year on record for commercial and multifamily real estate finance. Mortgage bankers closed a record-high $530 billion in loans backed by commercial and multifamily properties, the total amount of mortgage debt outstanding grew to $3.1 trillion and for most capital sources, mo

  • MBA CMF Newslink 6-7-18

    "Apart from the fact that 2007's [commercial mortgage-backed securities] spreads were tighter than currently, loan-to-values were higher and debt service coverage ratios were substantially lower, 2007 also had higher interest-only percentages--both partial and full--than we currently see in the mark

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 6-7-18

    "Falling volume drove net production profitability into the red for only the second time since inception of our report in the third quarter of 2008. While production revenues per loan actually increased in the first quarter, we also reached a study-high for total production expenses at $8,957 per lo

  • MBA CMF Newslink 5-31-18

    "You live with that loan for the life of that loan. You are a very important part of this ecosystem through good times and bad and through all market cycles. You're there to make sure loans are serviced property. You keep our businesses running."--Brian Stoffers, CMB, MBA Vice Chairman and Global Pr

  • MBA CMF Newslink 5-24-18

    "When examining vacancy and rent growth by market, we see a number of metros still in a stage of recovery or market correction for a variety of reasons. But these are more than offset by metros we consider stabilized or peak performers."--Transwestern Director of Research Stuart Showers

  • MBA CMF Newslink 5-17-18

    "Property types drawing the most attention of late continued to follow different paths, with retail originations declining while multifamily and industrial increased. It was the strongest first quarter on record for originations of loans for life insurance companies and the GSEs, Fannie Mae and Fred

  • MBA CMF Newslink 5-10-18

    "Both in terms of occupiers and investors, there is a clear divergence of trends by sector. The outlook is sunny for the industrial sector, flat for office space and weak for retail--both prime and secondary."--RICS U.S. Commercial Property Monitor.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 5-3-18

    "Last year was a record for commercial and multifamily borrowing and lending. Lending terms remain extremely attractive and we expect another strong year in 2018, although perhaps not quite as strong as 2017."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 4-26-18

    "The outlook for individual property sector fundamentals generally continues to reflect the characteristics of the current real estate cycle. Fundamentals either are steadily improving or appear to have stabilized at sustainable levels."--PwC Director of Real Estate Research Andrew Warren.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 4-19-18

    "I couldn't think of a better town than the rebuilt American City of Detroit to have this conference. Why? Because it was innovation and technology solutions that restored this once broken 'motor' city."--Mortgage Bankers Association Vice-Chairman Brian Stoffers, CMB, speaking at the MBA Technology

  • MBA CMF Newslink 4-12-18

    "2017 was a very strong year, driven by solid property fundamentals, rising property values, low interest rates and a ready supply of mortgage capital all contributing to extraordinarily attractive finance markets. We expect another robust year in 2018, even with the slight increase in interest rate

  • MBA CMF Newslink 4-5-18

    "This change [raising the required appraisal threshold for commercial real estate transactions from $250,000 to $500,000] supports a real estate market that efficiently allocates capital while still maintaining sound risk management. We hope to continue working with the regulators to find equitable

  • MBA CMF Newslink 3-29-18

    "We expect hotel values to remain at an all-time high in 2018 despite a rise in interest rates. Capitalization rates, however, will likely increase again this year, as occupancy has peaked in many major markets and rate growth has become sluggish. With all that said, transaction volume is mostly exp

  • MBA CMF Newslink 3-22-18

    "Global real estate performed exceptionally well in 2017 with volumes up sharply and increasing valuations. This has provided good momentum and the balance of pricing, supply and demand all point to a further healthy year."--Cushman & Wakefield Global Capital Markets and Investor Services Chief

  • MBA CMF Newslink 3-15-18

    "Grocery-anchored centers remain a safe bet for investors as overall transaction volumes for retail have been down, indicating that the asset remains a stable sector. It was one of the only retail sectors to see growth in a year of low transaction volume."--JLL Retail Research Director James Cook.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 3-8-18

    "Commercial and multifamily mortgages ended 2017 continuing to perform extraordinarily well. The market tailwinds of strong fundamentals, increasing property values and ready access to mortgage and other credit all put downward pressure on delinquency rates."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real E

Displaying 26 to 50 of 446 records.
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