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  • MBA CMF Newslink 4-26-18

    "The outlook for individual property sector fundamentals generally continues to reflect the characteristics of the current real estate cycle. Fundamentals either are steadily improving or appear to have stabilized at sustainable levels."--PwC Director of Real Estate Research Andrew Warren.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 4-19-18

    "I couldn't think of a better town than the rebuilt American City of Detroit to have this conference. Why? Because it was innovation and technology solutions that restored this once broken 'motor' city."--Mortgage Bankers Association Vice-Chairman Brian Stoffers, CMB, speaking at the MBA Technology

  • MBA CMF Newslink 4-12-18

    "2017 was a very strong year, driven by solid property fundamentals, rising property values, low interest rates and a ready supply of mortgage capital all contributing to extraordinarily attractive finance markets. We expect another robust year in 2018, even with the slight increase in interest rate

  • MBA CMF Newslink 4-5-18

    "This change [raising the required appraisal threshold for commercial real estate transactions from $250,000 to $500,000] supports a real estate market that efficiently allocates capital while still maintaining sound risk management. We hope to continue working with the regulators to find equitable

  • MBA CMF Newslink 3-29-18

    "We expect hotel values to remain at an all-time high in 2018 despite a rise in interest rates. Capitalization rates, however, will likely increase again this year, as occupancy has peaked in many major markets and rate growth has become sluggish. With all that said, transaction volume is mostly exp

  • MBA CMF Newslink 3-22-18

    "Global real estate performed exceptionally well in 2017 with volumes up sharply and increasing valuations. This has provided good momentum and the balance of pricing, supply and demand all point to a further healthy year."--Cushman & Wakefield Global Capital Markets and Investor Services Chief

  • MBA CMF Newslink 3-15-18

    "Grocery-anchored centers remain a safe bet for investors as overall transaction volumes for retail have been down, indicating that the asset remains a stable sector. It was one of the only retail sectors to see growth in a year of low transaction volume."--JLL Retail Research Director James Cook.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 3-8-18

    "Commercial and multifamily mortgages ended 2017 continuing to perform extraordinarily well. The market tailwinds of strong fundamentals, increasing property values and ready access to mortgage and other credit all put downward pressure on delinquency rates."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real E

  • MBA CMF Newslink 3-1-18

    "Small business growth has supported a trifecta of vigorous small-cap property fundamentals, peak sales and robust loan originations that shows few signs of abating soon."--Boxwood Means Principal Randy Fuchs.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 2-22-18

    "Information will inform the sales process more and more, so those with technology who are more informed are going to win."--Walker & Dunlop LLC Chairman and CEO William Walker.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 2-15-18

    "Commercial and multifamily businesses have enjoyed a robust market for the past several years. This $3 trillion business has been booming for quite some time. And with a growing economy and growing jobs, the future outlook is promising for commercial/multifamily businesses."--Mortgage Bankers Assoc

  • MBA CMF Newslink 2-8-18

    "Whether or not the economy can maintain forward motion is the definitive question in the year ahead."--Integra Realty Resources Chairman Anthony Graziano.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 2-1-18

    "The strongest gains in employment, [office] occupancy and rents will likely occur where recovery has lagged during this cycle, and where there is little or no construction underway, including many former housing-bubble markets in the south and west."--CBRE Americas President of Advisory and Transac

  • MBA CMF Newslink 1-25-18

    "We anticipate the new tax law and employment growth will have the most impact on the market in the coming year."--Berkadia Executive Vice President and Head of Production Ernie Katai.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 1-18-18

    "[Last year,] we dragged out a baseball analogy...and concluded that the real estate industry was in the late stages of the game, but could be headed into extra innings. [Now,] the game is still going, but there is a clear and palpable difference. --Avison Young Chair and CEO Mark Rose.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 1-11-18

    "The [stable] statistics camouflage the changes in the retail sector."--Reis Senior Economist Barbara Byrne Denham.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 1-4-18

    "Mortgage bankers look to 2018 as another growth year for the commercial and multifamily mortgage markets. The majority of top firms expect a very strong appetite from lenders and a strong appetite from borrowers to drive commercial mortgage originations higher."--Mortgage Bankers Association Vice P

  • MBA CMF Newslink 12-21-17

    "Modest growth in net operating income, taken together with declines in mortgage rates, resulted in moderate increases in [the Apartment Investment Market Index] from the previous quarter."--Freddie Mac Multifamily Vice President of Research and Modeling Steve Guggenmos.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 12-14-17

    "With the so-called 'wall of maturities' behind us and a vibrant market for new originations, we are once again seeing more new loans being originated for commercial mortgage-backed securities than we are seeing in old loans paying off and paying down. The result is the largest increase in outstandi

  • MBA CMF Newslink 12-7-17

    "Because of the Rounds Amendment, this package will protect the ability of most Americans to obtain safe, decent shelter and affordable home mortgage credit without disruption. Had this language not been included, the change in tax accounting for mortgage servicing rights would have had a devastatin

  • MBA CMF Newslink 11-30-17

    "It is hard to imagine commercial and multifamily mortgages performing better than they are today. Strong property fundamentals and values and ready credit availability are all helping contribute to this extraordinary performance."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwel

  • MBA CMF Newslink 11-16-17

    "This long-term reauthorization will provide certainty to homeowners and businesses that depend on the program for flood damage protection. Additionally, this legislation contains important provisions related to the clarification and expansion of the private flood insurance market."--MBA President a

  • MBA CMF Newslink 11-9-17

    "Commercial and multifamily real estate finance is a nearly $4 trillion industry and touches almost every segment of the economy. Acquisition, Development or Construction loans in particular, which this legislation supports, help to promote economic growth and job creation."--MBA President and CEO D

  • MBA CMF Newslink 11-2-17

    "You can expect the Fed to hike interest rates in December and you may see a couple hikes next year regardless of who leads the Fed. But this does not mean you should not worry about central banks as a whole. Perhaps the Fed is almost on autopilot in the U.S. and that's why markets are doing so well

  • MBA CMF Newslink 10-26-17

    "The one thing I know for sure after decades of significant involvement with this association is this: all is possible when we step up, lean in, say yes to the call and work together to make our industry the best it can be."--Rodrigo Lopez, CMB.

Displaying 51 to 75 of 454 records.
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