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  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 10-23-18

    "While the Federal Reserve is expected to increase short-term rates further, 30-year mortgage rates should rise only modestly from here. We are seeing some deceleration in the rate of home price growth, but believe this is a healthy pause for the market, as it will allow income growth to catch up to

  • MBA Newslink Monday 10-22-18

    "Unfortunately, the slide in housing is the real deal. Virtually every leading indicator of housing demand has been trending lower for several months, including pending home sales, mortgage purchase applications and the proportion of consumers stating that now is a good time to buy a home."--Mark Vi

  • MBA Newslink Friday 10-19-18

    "In our members' experience, the Volcker Rule--in its current form--has not proven to be anefficient tool for achieving its intended policy objectives for a number of reasons."--From an MBA/trade group letter to federal agencies recommending changes to the Volcker Rule that would alleviate unnecessa

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 10-18-18

    "The problems of unconscious gender bias go deeper than any of us can imagine. We are enculturing--generation after generation--the lack of representation of women in virtually every profession because of the message we are sending: that women and girls are far less valued than men and boys."--Actor

  • MBA CMF Newslink 10-18-18

    "The passing of the Tax Reform and Jobs Act in December that doubled the standard deduction and cut the deductibility of state and local taxes reduced the incentive to buy a home. This has helped the apartment market, especially in high-taxed localities."--Barbara Byrne Denham, Senior Economist with

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 10-17-18

    "While the macroeconomic and housing market backdrops are, and should remain quite favorable, the mortgage industry continues to be challenged by the drop in origination volume, coupled with significant margin compression. Lenders of all types and sizes are seeing elevated costs, coupled with intens

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 10-16-18

    "In many residential settings, PACE loans often have little connection to the promised energy savings either due to overzealous or deceptive marketing, or consumer usage patterns that undermine the expected cost savings. While these problems exist in the home improvement market generally, consumers

  • MBA Newslink TuesdayAM 10-16-18

    "If you're breaking the law, we're going to come after you. If you're doing something we don't like, but it's within the law, then we're going to leave you alone....regulation by enforcement is done."--Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Director Mick Mulvaney, speaking at the MBA Annual Convent

  • MBA Newslink TuesdayPM 10-16-18

    "We thought Barack Obama was brilliant for harnessing the power of Facebook--and then Donald Trump harnessed the power of Twitter."--John Harris, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Politico.

  • MBA Newslink MondayPM 10-15-18

    "No matter who sits in [Congress], housing is not a partisan issue. MBA is leading the way in fostering this bipartisan cooperation. Our job--MBA and our members--is to connect with and educate all regulators and legislators, regardless of party, to get the job done and ensure a vibrant real estate

  • MBA Newslink MondayAM 10-15-18

    "We believe that the best course of action is for USDA to remove the existing interest rate cap and instead allow market forces to dictate interest rates and other pricing terms. Should USDA find evidence of higher financing costs following implementation of this recommendation, MBA would support fu

  • MBA Newslink Friday 10-12-18

    "We urge the subcommittee to create asecure, fully integrated and cost-effective B2G solution that can operate in our dynamic economy and protect against evolving threats. Our member institutions support a streamlined process that promotes efficiency while minimizing the burden on participants."--Fr

  • MBA Newslink Thursday 10-11-18

    "Last month's 8.2 percent annualized gain in purchase applications points to continued demand for new homes. Housing demand is still strong even as mortgage rates increase, and as a result, we're still forecasting for modest growth in purchase origination volume in 2018."--Joel Kan, MBA Associate Vi

  • MBA CMF Newslink 10-11-18

    "Although exact effects of the new trade deal remain to be seen, it appears that the [United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement] will generally support property market demand."--From a CBRE special report, Revised NAFTA Should Benefit U.S. Real Estate.

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 10-10-18

    "Small business owners and the self-employed, who represent up to 30% of the labor force (and growing), should not face unnecessary obstacles to homeownership. As the industry develops new, innovative, responsible methods of underwriting that are supported by technological advances, a more dynamic r

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 10-9-18

    "With the national unemployment rate remaining below 4 percent since July, further declines in U.S. delinquency rates are likely in coming months. The exception will be in local areas impacted by natural hazards or a rise in unemployment. The destruction of homes and disruption to local commerce cau

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 10-9-18

    "Lack of clear guidance in these areas in the proposed regulations will result in inconsistency, and therefore confusion for taxpayers who ‘need certainty in determining whether their trade or business generates income that is eligible for the section 199A deduction. Moreover, given that mortg

  • MBA Newslink Monday 10-8-18

    "Although the situation in the Carolinas continues to evolve as we speak, we are beginning to get a sense of the potential scope of the storm's impact from a mortgage performance aspect. As those affected by the storm begin recovery efforts, recent history suggests many will have some difficulty rem

  • MBA Newslink Friday 10-5-18

    "Credit availability moved lower in September, as tightening in the government index offset an increase in conventional credit availability. The decline in government credit was driven by fewer streamline offerings as well as a decline in loan programs with lower credit requirements."--Joel Kan, MBA

  • MBA CMF Newslink 10-4-18

    "We are quite bullish on multifamily for a number of different reasons."--Walker & Dunlop Chairman and CEO Willy Walker in a MBANow CREF COrner Office video conversation (article in left column).

  • MBA Newslink Wednesday 10-3-18

    "Short-term rates have been increasing but long-term rates have held steady, which should not pose too much of a headwind to home purchase activity, especially given the potential demand from demographic factors."--MBA Associate Vice President of Economic and Industry Forecasting Joel Kan.

  • MBA Newslink Tuesday 10-2-18

    "Make no mistake, Proposition 10 will not lead to more affordable housing. Instead, it will remove any incentive to develop new affordable housing units and lead to higher housing costs in California's already expensive market. This will harm the entire real estate finance industry in general and es

  • Servicing Newslink Tuesday 10-2-18

    "The balance of mortgage debt on commercial and multifamily properties grew faster during the first half of 2018 than during any other first half since 2007. The four major investor groups all increased their holdings, and multifamily mortgage debt outstanding topped $1.3 trillion for the first time

  • MBA Newslink Monday 10-1-18

    "Hurricanes, and especially the flooding associated with these natural disasters, create the potential and opportunity for significant misrepresentation of collateral condition."--First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming.

  • MBA Newslink Friday 9-28-18

    "MBA would like to commend the House for passing last evening--by voice vote--H.R. 6737, which addresses an unintended consequence from the enactment of Title III of S.2155, ‘Protecting Veterans from Predatory Lending,' by allowing VA-guaranteed refinance loans to remain eligible for pooling i

Displaying 51 to 75 of 2185 records.
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