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  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 12-15-16

    "If [community and regional banks] continue to be the volume leader in taking out maturing commercial mortgage-backed securities loans, we'll continue to see high success rates on maturing loans. But some evidence is mounting that regulatory pressures on these bank lenders is starting to bite."--Bri

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 12-8-16

    Commercial and multifamily mortgage delinquencies were once again quite low in the third quarter because of the continued strength in the market fundamentals.--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 11-17-16

    "When we look at 2017 and 2018, we expect that the momentum we've got at the end of 2016 will continue."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 11-10-16

    "Commercial real estate markets are carrying a great deal of momentum as they close out 2016. Strong property fundamentals, increasing property values and sturdy sales activity--particularly among multifamily properties--are driving borrowing and lending to record levels."--MBA Vice President of Com

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 11-3-16

    "Rising property values, robust property fundamentals, low interest rates and a strong transaction market continue to drive potentially record-setting paces in commercial and multifamily mortgage originations."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 10-27-16

    "We focus on the goals we share and begin to realize we are stronger and better as we live, work and play together. Working together, we have the means and opportunity to advance real estate finance in America to the benefit of our industry, the economy and consumers."--2017 Mortgage Bankers Associa

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 10-20-16

    "Multifamily mortgage borrowing and lending set a new record in 2015. Demand for mortgages was driven by strong property fundamentals, increasing property values, a robust transaction market and low interest rates." --MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 10-13-16

    "For the second straight quarter, the two retail subtypes see-sawed in opposite directions." --Reis Economist Barbara Byrne Denham.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 10-6-16

    "[Commercial real estate] environmental performance considerations are becoming more widely established across global markets, but the pace of progress in creating new tools and regulations is slow."--JLL Head of Global Sustainability Research Franz Jenowein.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 9-29-16

    "The commercial real estate space still shows a healthy upward pricing pattern, though the market has been unable to keep up with the trends we reported in August, when we saw increases across all five property segments." --Chris Muoio, Senior Quantitative Strategist with Ten-X, Irvine, Calif.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 9-22-16

    "The commercial mortgage-backed securities market is seeing far more loans paying off and paying down than new loans being originated." --MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 9-15-16

    "The pause in the upward momentum of the [commercial mortgage-backed securities] delinquency rate is a positive sign for investors." --Manus Clancy, Senior Managing Director with Trepp, New York.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 9-8-16

    "Portland's [Ore.] fundamentals are strong and while we're starting to see pricing and rents rise, the yields look good on a relative basis and investors believe the market will see more growth compared to other West Coast cities. Historically, Portland is a less actively traded market and investors

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 9-1-16

    "For most capital sources, commercial and multifamily mortgage delinquency rates are near the lowest levels seen during the past 20 years. Strong property fundamentals, rising property values and solid mortgage availability are all supporting these rates."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Esta

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 8-18-16

    "We anticipate that favorable leasing fundamentals for the office sector will be ongoing through year-end 2016, and although select markets may experience some delay in office lease executions until after the [presidential] election is decided, this situation should have minimal impact on market con

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 8-11-16

    "The death of the suburbs is greatly exaggerated. Despite what we often hear, more people across all age cohorts--including millennials--are still migrating out of cities and to the suburbs." --Darin Mellott, director of research & analysis with CBRE.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 8-4-16

    "Cloud services, digital content and new data sovereignty laws are setting the data center market on fire. Demand is historically strong, so the onus is on the data center operators to build space fast enough, while also accommodating shorter, more flexible lease structures that have become highly p

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 7-28-16

    "Borrowing and lending backed by commercial and multifamily properties remained strong during the second quarter. Low interest rates combined with strong commercial property market fundamentals to further support lending and to keep overall borrowing levels on pace with last year's strong level."--M

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 7-21-16

    "While we've had some shocks to the global economy, the U.S. economy still is moving along at a slow and steady space, and that will sustain industrial demand. Retail sales have been above expectations, posting pretty strong gains in April and May. That will help both the retail and industrial secto

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 7-14-16

    "The mood among the roughly 250 attendees at the Mortgage Bankers Association's inaugural Small Balance Lending conference last month was demonstrably upbeat. With early reports indicating a robust second quarter for space market fundamentals, we expect that small cap commercial real estate rents an

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 6-30-16

    "If retailers live and die by cool, the same also holds true of retail properties, shopping centers and entire neighborhoods. And in an age of frugality, e-commerce encroachment and vast gaps in shopping center performance, 'cool' matters now more than ever."--C&W Vice President of Retail Resear

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 6-23-16

    "Brokers who previously focused exclusively on large-scale commercial deals now see the small-balance mortgage as a product that helps them close more deals in a shorter period."--Silver Hill Funding National Sales Manager Michael Boggiano.

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 6-16-16

    "Bank holdings and multifamily loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac drove growth during the [first] quarter. However, the balance of loans held in commercial mortgage-backed securities continues to decline and has now fallen by one-third since it peaked in 2007 as more CMBS loans are paid off

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 6-9-16

    "Strong fundamentals and property prices, as well as still low interest rates, continue to support the performance of commercial and multifamily mortgages." --MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell

  • MBA C/MF NewsLink 6-2-16

    "Maybe it's always extraordinary in some way [in commercial real estate], but this is definitely an extraordinary time."--Mortgage Bankers Association Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell, speaking at the MBA Commercial/Multifamily Servicing and Technology Conference.

Displaying 126 to 150 of 465 records.
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