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  • MBA CMF Newslink 1-10-19

    "Mortgage bankers look to 2019 as another strong year for the commercial and multifamily mortgage markets. The majority of top firms expect that strong appetites from both lenders and borrowers will drive commercial mortgage originations higher."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Researc

  • MBA CMF Newslink 1-3-19

    "We foresee compelling opportunities in secondary markets, given that we haven't experienced cap-rate convergence in those markets or even in many of the crowded primary markets."--CBRE Global Chief Economist and Global Head of Research Richard Barkham

  • MBA CMF Newslink 12-20-18

    "Income [as opposed to property appreciation] is expected to account for $4 out of every $6 of total returns in 2018, $5 of every $6 of total returns in 2019 and for all of the positive contribution to returns in 2020. But even with some of the recent economic uncertainty, investors see commercial r

  • MBA CMF Newslink 12-13-18

    "Autonomous vehicles may have the greatest impact on U.S. real estate markets since mass adoption of the car and expansion of the federal highway system."--CBRE Senior Vice President of Digital Enablement and Technology David Eisenberg.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 12-6-18

    "Commercial and multifamily mortgage delinquency rates are extremely low right now. The delinquency rate for loans held on bank balance sheets set a new series low, and delinquency rates for loans held by life companies or guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are all below 10 basis points."--MBA

  • MBA CMF Newslink 11-29-18

    "Rising interest rates took some wind out of the market's sails...The [commercial mortgage-backed-securities] and bank lending markets were the hardest hit. Meanwhile, lending backed by multifamily properties and for the government-sponsored enterprises continued to grow."--MBA Vice President of Com

  • MBA CMF Newslink 11-15-18

    "Because inflation has remained in line with the Federal Reserve's target of 2.0 percent, consumer and business confidence should keep the office market healthy well into 2019."--Transwestern Research Director Ryan Tharp.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 11-8-18

    "Commercial real estate finance markets are on pace to match last year's record volumes of borrowing and lending. Property incomes and values continue to grow, albeit at slower paces than previous years, and the amount of capital looking to be placed in real estate and debt remains robust. We antici

  • MBA CMF Newslink 11-1-18

    "Institutional real estate portfolios delivered solid investment returns in 2017. Returns continue to outperform expectations, which is likely contributing to the increase we are seeing in investor conviction. This has in turn led to an acceleration in transaction volumes and capital deployment acro

  • MBA CMF Newslink 10-25-18

    "The Capital Council is designed to be a valuable resource for those who shape and influence decisions on commercial real estate finance investment committees. I encourage MBA members with an interest in developing business relationships and sharing their insights with key decision-makers in the com

  • MBA CMF Newslink 10-18-18

    "The passing of the Tax Reform and Jobs Act in December that doubled the standard deduction and cut the deductibility of state and local taxes reduced the incentive to buy a home. This has helped the apartment market, especially in high-taxed localities."--Barbara Byrne Denham, Senior Economist with

  • MBA CMF Newslink 10-11-18

    "Although exact effects of the new trade deal remain to be seen, it appears that the [United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement] will generally support property market demand."--From a CBRE special report, Revised NAFTA Should Benefit U.S. Real Estate.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 10-4-18

    "We are quite bullish on multifamily for a number of different reasons."--Walker & Dunlop Chairman and CEO Willy Walker in a MBANow CREF COrner Office video conversation (article in left column).

  • MBA CMF Newslink 9-27-18

    "The balance of mortgage debt on commercial and multifamily properties grew faster during the first half of 2018 than during any other first half since 2007."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 9-20-18

    "Seniors housing acquisitions momentum will continue in the second half of 2018 and will likely increase, especially if the sentiment reflected in the survey materializes. Despite the increased capital market and operational headwinds, investor interest remains robust and a lack of available product

  • MBA CMF Newslink 9-13-18

    "Property appreciation for most types of real estate, particularly the big sectors investors are focused on, has been pretty anemic over the past couple of years. But there are quite a few outliers to that trend."--Peter Rothemund, Senior Analyst with Green Street Advisors, Newport Beach, Calif.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 9-6-18

    "It is hard to overstate how low commercial and multifamily mortgage delinquency rates are today."--MBA Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research Jamie Woodwell.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 8-30-18

    "The multifamily space is the land of opportunity right now, and we don't see that waning any time soon. While we may not have seen as many big blockbuster deals during the first half of the year as in years past, production remains steady on both the investment sales and lending sides of the coin a

  • MBA CMF Newslink 8-23-18

    "There's nothing wrong with the debt markets and there's nothing wrong with the state of the capital markets. However, at today's valuations with continued low cap rates and interest rates, we're getting lulled."--Shekar Narasimhan, CMB, in an MBANow CREF Corner Office video conversation.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 8-16-18

    "The last months of 2017 exceeded expectations for the multifamily market, and that trend continued into the first half of 2018. There will be certain submarkets that will see moderation, but overall the multifamily market continues to benefit from a solid macroeconomy and continued strong demand. S

  • MBA CMF Newslink 8-9-18

    "The commercial mortgage lending market should remain favorable to borrowers for the balance of the year. Loan credit spreads remain tight and underwriting standards are stable. While there is some risk to an escalation of trade disputes, this has not yet influenced credit availability or pricing."-

  • MBA CMF Newslink 8-2-18

    "Loan prices in the commercial mortgage-backed securities universe remained flat in June as U.S. Treasuries remained relatively unchanged." --DebtX Managing Director Will Mercer.

  • MBA CMF Newslink 7-26-18

    "A new, emerging trend is that the much cleaner loans of CMBS 2.0 are beginning to show cracks as a small chunk of newer production hits inevitable difficulties," he said. "Maintaining less than one-third of one percentage point in delinquent loans is unnatural through the credit cycle."--Brian Olas

  • MBA CMF Newslink 7-19-18

    "The net result for the major property sectors may be no change, but some property types have done quite well over the past year and a half. Values for industrial, manufactured home parks and student housing are all up by double-digit amounts over that period. Retail has seen prices decline about 10

  • MBA CMF Newslink 7-12-18

    "Commuters give the city its tidal restlessness, natives give it solidity and continuity, but the settlers give it passion."--E.B. White

Displaying 26 to 50 of 465 records.
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