Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate Finance Database

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Subscription-based access to an Excel database of key MBA data series. Includes the most recent and historical aggregate series from MBA's Annual Originations Summation, Annual Report on Multifamily Lending, Quarterly Mortgage Bankers Origination Index, Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Debt Outstanding and Loan Maturity Volumes reports. Data are updated as new series are released.

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Subscribers Receive

Regular Updates of Excel Database of Proprietary MBA Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Finance Data Series

  • MBA's Annual Origination Volume Summation (series annually since 2005)
  • MBA's Annual Report on Multifamily Lending (series annually since 2005)
  • MBA's Quarterly Mortgage Bankers Origination Index (series quarterly since 2002)
  • MBA's Analysis of Mortgage Debt Outstanding (series quarterly since 1952; 4 series since 2007)
  • MBA's Loan Maturity Volumes Report (series for 10 prospective years, annually since 2011)

Special Delivery of MBA's Regular and Special Commercial/multifamily Research Reports

  • MBA's Annual Origination Volume Summation
  • MBA's Annual Report on Multifamily Lending
  • MBA's Quarterly Mortgage Bankers Origination Index
  • MBA's Analysis of Mortgage Debt Outstanding (Quarterly)
  • MBA's Loan Maturity Volumes Report (Annual)
  • MBA's Quarterly Report on Mortgage Delinquency Rates
  • MBA's Commercial/Multifamily Quarterly DataBook (Quarterly)
  • MBA's Annual Originator Volume Rankings
  • MBA's Semi-annual Mortgage Servicer Rankings

Subscriber-Only Webinar on CRE Finance Market Conditions and Outlook

  • Access for two sites to dial in to quarterly webinar